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Monday, March 23, 2015

Presto-Chango...and more Easter

So my best laid plans have now changed once again! I so wanted to spend all day today out in the yard finishing up the weeding and trimming so I could finish all of the spring clean-ups of patio furniture, replant some pots and finish cleaning the decking. But, Mother Nature had other plans and I am happy she did. We have had rain predictions for weeks and have been lucky to see even a few drops of rain so I am happy it has finally come our way-as are my lawn and all of my gardens!

Once I knew I would be inside today, I revamped my to-do list...always many, many things needing to be done inside as well. So, you ask, how did I end up doing what I did? It was certainly not on any lists-nor was it even anywhere near the fore front of my brain. Sometimes these things just take over.

I happened to be walking through the family room and all of a sudden, I was OVER the rug in that room. Since it was sisal, I thought it might look nice out on the patio. Then, I decided to bring the rug that has been in the living room into the family room and drag out an old rug I had held on to for the living room...what do you think?

Couldn't really find a picture of this rug so you kind of see it here.

Now this room looks like this-which I like because I think the pattern of the rug matches well with the color of the leather furniture, the pattern on the upholstered furniture and the print on the PB pillows. I am happy with this change...

...unfortunately, I don't like this one as much!

If this pattern looks familiar to those of you who are very observant, it should. It is leftover piece of the wall-to-wall we have in our bedroom. This carpet was way too expensive so, when there was a piece this size left over, I had it bound. I used it in this room in the past and I liked it...until I didn't...which I don't again. I think I will be able to live with it for Easter and spring, but I know I am going to ask my decorator (daughter #3) to be on the lookout for me for something that will work better.

That's pretty much the family room this year. Again, simple and lots of green and purple. More to come Stay tuned.

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