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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hippity Hoppity...

I am finally starting to get back on track a bit. I still have much catching up to do inside and out but, I am getting there. With Easter so close behind St. Pat's this year, I did a mad dash to change out decor. I think you will see that I have gone a little simpler as well. I like the change between Christmas and Valentines because I can keep all of the red out but I think I like the change between St. Pat's and Easter the best because I can keep out all of the green not only for Easter but it will hang around for spring decorating as well. This change over only took me two days and that is definitely a record for me!!

Since green is my absolute favorite color and since I am not the biggest fan of pink or yellow or baby blue, our Easter is pretty much green and shades of purple this year...I love it!

This is the only new thing I found for Easter so far this year...I will admit that I haven't had a lot of time to shop but I don't really need anything new either. This is a wooden plaque I found on sale at Michaels and was drawn to it because it is a vintage post card and I thought it would fit well in this vignette with my other vintage items. It also helps to make the very "springy" wreath a bit more "Eastery" and pulls the random chick in the picture below into the mix.

So that is the living room for this year. I didn't hang any Easter egg lights because every strand I had had at least one bulb out and even though I must have a thousand extra bulbs, I couldn't find any that fit my sets. I missed them at first but I am getting used to it although hubby still heads to the mantle in the family room every time we sit down in there as that was always his job-guess I trained him better than I thought! Ha-ha.

Still have sooo much to do outside but I will try to get back with the next room soon-stay tuned.

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