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Friday, April 3, 2015

Here Comes Peter Cottontail...

I am almost ready for the big day! We will be here at our house and our weather has been so picture perfect of late that I am pretty sure we will be spending most of the day out of doors. That is all of the impetus I needed to really hit the gardens.

I started the major work once again with my trusty little friend-well, if truth be told, this is a "new" little friend because when I went to attach the hose to my old cleaner, I found the coupling had completely crumbled off. That meant my day was then starting with an unexpected trip to Lowes...and more mulch and flowers, etc...but that is for another post.

In any case, it really didn't set me back more than an hour and I was off! I have told you before how much I love this job! It is tiring and takes days to complete it all, but at the same time it is addictive....kind of like eating potato chips...I find it hard to stop at one. I did stop at one day this time. My limit was how far I could go without having to disconnect the hose and reconnect to another. I managed to get to all of the pool deck, the stone patio and most of the brick walkways in the back yard. I left the front drives and porch and anything else I want to do for another day.

As I blog, I have purchased and spread 38 bags of many more to go but I can only fit 8-14 bags in my car at a time-depending on how much other "stuff" I have to get in there as well!

I have also filled in a few pots with some new seasonal color. Would love nothing more than to be out there again all day today, but I also want to make some bunny cookies and a pound cake, so that needs to be my priority today...I am not a really great baker as the "precision" of it all is not my forte. Remember, I am a "measure once cut twice" kind of gal so I figure I better give myself all of the time I might need to pull this off.

Also trying to get little bunny gifts and egg hunt stuff ready while I have a minute. I can't wait. So looking forward to a beautiful, slow paced-well as slow paced as an egg hunt and Easter celebration can be with 14 people-Sunday!

A quick little wrap-up of Easter decor..

While we're here, take note of our poor LITTLE house number plaque...plans for a change coming soon.

Boy, this blogging can be a REAL look at reality. Somehow, things that look fine to me in daily life look REALLY BAD when I focus in on them here on the blog. Looking at these pictures of the front of the house, I sooo realize how badly I should have just kept on coming with my pressure cleaner! Oh well, try to look beyond the obvious! Actually, now that I am looking at this door hanging, I am thinking it may be time for a new Easter look as well! At least I have a year before I have to get on that!

Thinking that lantern needs to be filled with large eggs or something??!

Hoping everyone has a blessed, family filled holiday and I will be back soon with spring decorating as well as all of our travels over the following week. Stay tuned.

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