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Saturday, April 25, 2015

"They've Got My Number"

I have posted several times about "seeing things with new eyes". That is what happened the other day when I actually took a good look at this:

This is our old house number sign...and it has served us well for many years but now it is very faded and dull. I suppose I could have repainted the background and polished up the brass but even if I had, it was now just too small for this unbroken brick wall. You see, for many years, a wooden bench sat under these numbers and the scale of it all just worked. But then one day I heard a noise and upon investigation, I discovered that the bench had finally just collapsed on its own. The bench had been in our foyer for a long time-we picked it up at Naked Furniture many years ago. I had originally stained it a walnut color. When I tired of that, I gave it an off white crackle finish. And, when I tired of that it went out onto the porch. It looked cute piled with pots of plants and birdhouses-or seasonal decorations-and served us well but it was now time to say farewell.

I put my hubby to work taking the rest of it apart and lucky for me, one plank was wide and heavy so he propped it up against the fence while he dismantled the rest....and, that was when I saw it and it spoke to me.

I love the old peeling paint. I kind of wish it were a different color-and I almost gave it a dry brush of some hue of green-but, in the end, I left it as is and started work on my idea!

I headed to Lowes to find the largest house numbers I could find. Unfortunately, The largest without special ordering turned out to be these black, plastic numbers with silver trim...not to my liking but a bit of paint and I would be good to go.

I was actually just going to lean it against the house but ended up adding a wire hanger on the back. I am still not sure if I am done tweaking. I may cut off a bit to make it shorter or I may still add a bit of color...we shall see.

For now, I'm good with it. Who knows what's next? Stay tuned.

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