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Saturday, April 11, 2015

I Stand Corrected...

...I posted recently that my easiest decor switch was St. Pat's to Easter. But, I stand corrected. Today I took down Easter and put up spring and I am almost done - after just one day! That is practically unheard of in my world. Most of the Easter stuff will remain for spring. The only thing I totally removed was the bunnies. I also got rid of most of the pastel palette and kept spring in the green and white families. I am just not a huge fan of pastels in our house and somehow, to me, they only seem appropriate for Easter. I do still love my spring flowers so a hint of purple may creep in here and there.

Just realizing that what is here now will remain here until the beginning of June when I put out July 4th, I guess I had better like it! Some tweaking may be in order but I am just trying to get done so we can head off for 8 days and come home to something pretty and peaceful!

Here is the living room as it stands...welcome spring!

Here is that little bit of pastel still popping through...I love this wreath too much to put it away just yet.

This couch table kind of sets the mood for the living room and family room - lots of greens and lots of garden and architectural goodies.

I don't usually leave out eggs after Easter but I love the way this "big egg" that I made a few years ago looks with the little one I found in a gift shop and matches the color of the tin pitcher daughter #3 gave me several years back.

This picture ( or the one I took a few years back ) is my most re-pinned pin on Pinterest. I am not sure why because it is just a French flower pot put on a candle holder and filled with some coconut fibers, a Dollar Tree bird and a few little blue eggs I made. For whatever reason, it has caught the attention of a lot of people. Since it is "that famous", I guess I'll keep it here another year!

More spring to come but probably not until we get home from our trip. Looking forward to lots of rest and relaxation before we "Relay" and then head to Jax! I'm sure I will have lots to share when I return. Stay tuned.

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