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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Life Doesn't Get Any Better!

I think we may FINALLY be beginning to get the hang of this thing called retirement. I will admit, I still rate my days as successful by how much I get accomplished but I am beginning to give myself some slack. I am lightening up a bit and realizing that at this point in our lives, if we enjoy the day, that is all of the accomplishment we need!

We got to spend lots of time last in the last week or so with daughters # 1 and 2 and now plans are in the works to spend more time with daughters #2 and 3 in Gainesville. Have I told you how much I love to decorate and garden?? When I run out of things to do in our home, I love helping my girls. Kris will be needing help for a long time to come with her renovation and we are hoping to get back down there soon...but, I must not forget that the other girls lead super busy lives and could use a helping hand-or two-or six as well!....especially when there is a third dog-a puppy yet-added to the mix. She is a very sweet dog-but, did I say puppy? She is about 10 months or so now and eating and shredding anything and everything she can get to. Poor daughter #2 needs help. Enter daughter #3, hubby and me! We are heading up to help her "shop" her house and give it a spring re-do without spending much. It should be fun and I know we will have a lot of laughs in the process.  And so, I am beginning to embrace our new "routine". I am a planner but I pride myself on also being flexible as I have raised three very active daughters and have 7 grand children following along the same path. I love it when my phone rings and someone calls to invite us to something they forgot to mention-and it is later today. I am good with changing plans at a moments notice. I find most anything will wait until another day.

This week is filling up quickly-ballet observation later today, spaghetti dinner fund raiser and "spring sing" at kids' school tomorrow-as well as obligatory hair and dentist appointments, gym for hubby, errands, etc. It may all sound mundane, but I am finding the days are going way too quickly. So much to do, so little time. But, I am stopping to smell the flowers along the way. Just a few of the things that caught my attention in the garden today:

And, while we are here, a quick-and abbreviated-look at the dining room. I will admit I am still having trouble with merchandising the shelves I added. They don't look great in person, but they look even worse in photos so I am editing them out. Maybe when we are done at daughter #2's house, those same helping hands could come give this room a look-see!

Off to watch dance lessons. There is a big recital coming up in June so we should be getting a hint of what we have to look forward to. Just taking time to savor the little things. Stay tuned.

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