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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dem Bones, Dem Bones...

In keeping with my themes, sort of, I think the family room represents "skeletons" pretty well...see if you can spot them all.

O.K. This one is a no-brainer but I just LOVE him so much! One of my all-time favorite crafts for sure!! And don't miss his friends looking down from above. I bought these light weight tombstones years ago and used them outside but I was always having to glue on new stakes - that I made from paint sticks because the little things that came with them NEVER worked - but, I digress. In any case, as I buy new, heavy weight tombstones each year to replace these, I have found places in the house where I think they will work even better. They are large, 3-D and inexpensive - so, lots of bang for your buck!! The glittered haunted house I got at JoAnns years ago. And, speaking of JoAnns, has anyone else noticed how expensive they have gotten - not to mention the poor quality of the stuff they are carrying these days? I went in to look for witch hats and a really generic, poorly made hat was marked at $49.99! Are they kidding? Even at 50% off, it was WAAAAY too much! I didn't buy a thing and headed off to Michaels, TJ Maxx and WalMart.

This round table is next to my "TV watching" chair and I have it filled with things I love...the witch's hat picture holder the kids made years ago with my two favorite grandsons, my yummy Yankee Candle Halloween candle and my favorite "witches" from a past Halloween! These silly pictures are a tradition around here and I can't wait to see what we will look like this year!

I know you can't see them from this angle, but the mantle is LOADED with skeletons! These pictures change to bones if you just move your head a bit!

So that is the family room this year. There are actually two other areas FULL of past Halloween photos but I spared you. It does look a bit like over kill, but it IS a family room and these ARE family pictures...and, no matter how often the kids scoff at me for keeping all of these, it is amazing to see how often someone will pick up a frame and reminisce about the costumes we all wore that year. And speaking of costumes, I have to get busy and decide what hubby and I will be so that I can get out the machine and start sewing. Still more rooms to come - but you knew that, didn't you? Stay tuned.

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