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Sunday, September 14, 2014

It's All About Family!

My family has always been the most important thing to me but I think, as I get older, this feeling just gets stronger. As it gets harder and harder to get everyone all together at the same time any more, I cherish those times this happens all the more. And, this was just such a weekend!

We are Gators in this family and pretty much all bleed orange and blue. That being said, between my husband's work schedule, crowds and heat, hubby and I are pretty much content to watch the games these days from our cozy seats in our air conditioned family room. The rest of our family usually brave the elements and crowds and catch each home game. And so, we welcomed the gang from St. Pete on Friday night - or should I say Saturday morning as they couldn't hit the road until their high school game (where our grand daughter dances as a Devilette) was over so after a rain delay down there, they made a very late - or early - appearance.

The troops tailgated and then hit the evening game that only ended - favorably, thank goodness - after 3 over times - so, another late night was had by all!

Sunday found everyone at our house where we celebrated our 4th grand daughter's 13th birthday. I really don't know how she got this old so quickly, but it was wonderful for the whole family to be able to share this milestone with her!

Any time we are all together, I try to get a photo of Nana, Papa and all 7...sometimes this works out better than others. All of the girls were watching this photo shoot yet no one volunteered that Harrison was being a goof. Oh well, at least we're all in the picture!

Somehow everyone co-operates when it is the "crazy face" picture!

The birthday girl opening her presents.

Cousins - and may I add, look at the smile on Harrison's face in this picture!

I love it when our family room is crammed full of people - and even more when these people are family!

Thinking neither my daughter nor I will ever be offered a job as a cake decorator. We collaborated on this lovely creation. I hear it's the thought that counts and boy did we have a few laughs getting it done!

Lots of happy kids today! Can't think of a better way to spend our time!

I have a pretty busy week coming up but I am sure going to try to squeeze in a bit more Halloween crafting and I will share soon. Stay tuned.

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