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Sunday, September 21, 2014

I Love Pinterest

When everyone was here last weekend, we co-ordinated calendars and actually found a date that everyone could be here for our annual Halloween party. We will be doing it on November 1, but in our family, whenever we can ALL be here IS the day! Of course, some of us may be a bit worse for wear cause the night before will be trick-or-treating and other parties, but, we will persevere.

With that decision being made, I have been on the hunt for lots and lots of ideas...and Pinterest is my new best friend when it comes to ideas. I have been "at this" so long that new ideas are few and far between but, if I am going to find any, this is where it will be. Here are a few of the things I am considering for this year's party or kid weekend:

I usually do the skeleton in the bread coffin dip but thinking I may try this guy for a change. I found it at

We have done something similar to this but this sandwich is on a breadstick that the kids could help me make first. It is from

We have done red spaghetti for Valentine's Day and rainbow colored spaghetti for St. Pat's Day but I think the kids would love the black. You can go two ways on this one. You can use squid ink or, the way I think we would go, use black food coloring. This is found on

I have had this beauty on my to-do list ever since it starting flying around Pinterest. Unfortunately, either the blogger made it a few years ago or she has different stores than I do because I have been everywhere looking for that votive holder that becomes the dish and it IS NOT OUT THERE! Of course, that is not a really big deal except that you DO have to find something that has a bit of a flat edge around the rim so you can glue on the skeleton. And, when I refreshed my memory on just how small the skeletons that she used really are, I realized that this dish is also a lot smaller than I first imagined. I still want to try this and I haven't given up looking for some sort of a plate that will work - we shall see. I found this post on

I am always looking for things that have 3 parts in case the 3 little ones are here. That way, they can each just make one part of the craft and Mom doesn't have to try to find room for three holiday items all made with love and wanting a place of honor in their house. BOO works just perfectly for our needs and I have some wood blocks already cut left over from a craft from years past. Plus, I have an endless supply of embellishments so they can each decorate their letter to their heart's content. This fab idea came from

Here's a Rice Crispy treat I haven't done and everybody love them. This was on

The kids love caramel apples but a whole apple is way too large and most of it gets wasted so I was thrilled when I saw this idea - apple slices that can be dipped in caramel and then topped with the goodies of your choice. This brilliant ideas came from

How cute are these?! I already bought the straws and am off to find the rest of the supplies tomorrow. Find this on

I am always looking for something that all the kids will eat for dinner - young or older - and pizza fills the bill. We have made many different Halloween pizzas but never this guy. Might have to try him this year. He came from

Again, I have made many different candy corn cookies but this one with the chocolate is different. They are fun and easy to do and look pretty in a cellophane bag tied off with a cute Halloween embellishment as gifts. Find it on

Love this. The kids could paint the jars and when dry, each could add their own face. This would even be adorable made as a gift for their teachers. If my garden is co-operating, they could fill it with pretty orange mums - sorry, no gorgeous orange roses in my yard although we could pick some up at the grocery store. I found this on

Thinking about doing a variation of this as one of my gifts this year. I still have some of the Looking Glass spray paint left. Instead of making sets of three, I think I am going to cut out one of my spooky shapes from one of my Cricut Halloween sets and see how it looks. Leaning towards a chandelier, spooky tree or raven. Found this at

I am always drawn to things with numbers or dates. Think I just might have to whip up a few of these if I can find any frame near as cute as the one in the post. Found this at

The kids will love these...and could it get any easier?! I already found a few packages of the teeth at the dollar store and will pick up the eyes tomorrow. Find it at


I am always looking for easy things for the kids to do to give to everyone as gifts and what could be easier? Get it at

And here we have yet another variation of the project in "3s". A few years ago we made frames covered in googly eyes, so I have tons left and even though this is an easy project, the kids just love working with those eyes. This one came from Crafters ExChange.

So, there you have the beginnings of my thoughts. I do need to get putting some things "in concrete" because before I get going on sewing costumes, I like to have the party plans pretty much in the bag. Don't think there are enough hours in the day to do all of these things so I will have to start whittling down that list. We'll see what makes the cut. Stay tuned.

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