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Monday, September 29, 2014

Welcome to My "La-boh-rah-tory"....

...or however Dr. Frankenstein would say it! I had to move some things around this year and here is where the laboratory ended up - along with the newest addition from PB - the beaker holder. What do you think?

Pottery Barn had a fabulous laboratory themed decor in their catalog this year and I could have just jumped into the pages! I loved every bit of it but we would have had to take out a mortgage on our house to afford it all. So, I picked and chose...and I chose the beakers and stand as a new treasure this year. I don't know why, but they spoke to me. They also had some test tubes and stand but, instead of buying those, I broke out my Wilton candy sprinkle test tube holder I bought last year and replaced those tubes with some a little more authentic looking that I got at the party store. Since I had the 3' skeleton just waiting for a new place this year, I copied the PB idea of submerging him in a large glass jar - which I also had on hand - and filling it with a lovely green liquid! Then, I just filled in the spaces with all of my skeleton or "beakerish" and potion looking stuff!

I stole borrowed this idea from the PB catalog. I love their style and I had everything I needed to do this!

You never know when a potion might call for some eyeballs!

Here is the witch I bought several years ago down in Mt. Dora. She is noise activated, so whenever some pots or a kitchen cabinet door get banged, she starts to cackle and hubby jumps 3' off the ground. Got to tell NEVER gets old!

Once again I am loving the baker's rack in the kitchen. We use all of these dining and serving things during this month and it is SO nice to have them all right at hand!

Still using the pot holders the girls made so many years ago and still love my jack-o-lantern plate that Caitlin made for us!

Cookies always tasted better coming from this cookie jar - although now I have to admit it only holds artificial sweetener - bummer how times have changed! The two cauldrons are from my old ceramic making days.

So there you have the 2014 kitchen area. More to come. Stay tuned!

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