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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Deja' Vu...

...and a lovely surprise!

I am getting great joy in the fact that something I did for so many years - and was sad to see stop - is starting up again for me today. I think I have blogged before about my weekly routine of heading to Gainesville on Wednesdays every week from the time my first grand daughter was born (18 years ago) until the time her sister moved into high school. Depending on where we were on that time line, I picked up one or two and we would spend the day together visiting my mom, eating out, shopping or going to a park only to end up every afternoon at their dance studio, out to dinner and on to G.S.

I absolutely adored those times with the girls. Since we don't live in the same city, many of our other times together were in celebration of a holiday, recital, birthday, etc. Even though those times are also precious, they are not the same. I love the "nothing" times together. We would talk...about anything or nothing. We would be serious or silly. We had adventures and shared all of our "deep, dark secrets" and dreams for our futures. They are times I would never give up no matter how tired I may have gotten of that drive!

And then, one day way before I ever saw it coming, both girls were in high school and no longer had early dismissal. In fact, because of all of the extra curricular things they were involved in, most days they stayed at school long after the bell had rung. And then Hannah got her license and a car and they could take themselves wherever necessary. And so my days of being a "Nana chauffeur" were over.

Fast forward to this past summer when Presley was with us for an over night and she and I were in the car heading somewhere and I was telling her about all of the silly songs and stories Hannah, Morgan and I used to do when we were driving. I went on to tell her about their dance lessons just about the time that we were passing her dance studio when she said, "Hey Nana, I have an idea. You could pick me up and take me to dancing every week". Wow, what an honor. Believe me, I was all over that and as it turns out, I can actually help my daughter as well since the two boys have practice at the YMCA at the same time and, the last time I checked, no one can be in two different places at the same time.

And so, every Tuesday from now on, you can find me picking up Presley, squeezing her sticky, little body into those clingy tights and savoring the delight of spending some "nothing" time with yet another grand daughter. Maybe those "nothing" moments are really the "everything" least for one, old sentimental Nana

I also had the pleasure of picking Presley and Hudson up from school yesterday while Mom and Harrison were up at Shands for an appointment. Since my son-in-law just had a birthday, this seemed like a great day to celebrate that as well - and, I cooked a full dinner for the second time in a week. This time we went with one of his favorites - meatloaf, homemade mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, country garden salad, Tuscan roasted garlic bread (yes, same as last week. Why change what ain't broke?) and Paula Deen brownies with Moose Track ice-cream. It is fun cooking when there are lots of people filling your table with much to talk about - I could get used to this!

And to add the cherry to the top, not only did Harrison get fabulous news from the doctor, but he and his mom brought me a surprise. They had been shopping and happened to see something that they thought I would like. A Halloween decoration...image that! How did they ever know I just might LOVE it! There is something about script and numbers that I like not only for Halloween but also for the 4th of July and Valentine's Day.

 Can't wait to find the perfect place for this. I think Halloween may be coming soon! Stay tuned. Oh, I'm not sure what is happening to me, but I am off to make a big pot of vegetable soup!! Maybe I just know that autumn is finally creeping in. Whatever the reason, I will go with it. We have a little bit of that crusty bread left and it will be yummy dipped in that hot soup!!

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