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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Only I....

...seem to be able to tell! It took me three days to finish painting my living room. At first glance, I thought "four walls with a huge expanse of window on one - how hard can it be"? Until I actually got into it that is. First, just let me say, there is A LOT to move. And then, I like to wash all of the crown molding and base boards before I start. I figure this is the easiest it will ever be with all of the furniture moved out from the walls. And then, I guess my house is STILL settling as some of the joints on the crown had shifted so I did some repair work on that as well.

I guess the 'devil is in the details' as they say because there are five doors with case moldings in this room as well as the windows - and that means all the more cutting in! That takes forever. Some places I do tape but others I just buy a really good angled brush and trust my nerves and eyes - and send up a little prayer for both. Believe me, by the time I got to the 'rolling on', I was pure giddy!

And then to add insult to injury, if I don't tell you that I gave up three days of my life to paint this room, you probably wouldn't know. It is definitely darker than the old color but probably not enough for people who don't see it every day to notice.

I definitely feel the things on the wall stand out a bit more and for sure there are no more nail holes or mismatched touch up paint areas. Can you tell?





Now can you tell??

How about now...can you tell???

I know the lighting is different in the before and afters, but if you look really hard, you may notice the slightest difference - even though on the color chips there was a very NOTICEABLE difference. Guess I will just have to bask in the knowledge that I know...and, for however short a period, EVERYTHING in this room is fresh and squeaky clean! Trust me, that doesn't happen often enough! Off to start my Halloween sign. Can't wait to show you. Stay tuned.

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