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Monday, September 15, 2014

Almost Ready... get started on my next Grandin Road knock-off. If you remember, my first knock-off was the "broom sign" and that is done and ready to go.

 My second was to be a knock-off of a beautiful wreath that was worth every penny of what they were asking for it but just happened to be "a lot more pennies" than I was willing to spend for something that would spend 11 months of the year on the top shelf in my garage!

I must say, it has not turned out quite as easy as I had thought to find the supplies. I think just a year or two ago, black feather wreath forms were everywhere, but I can not find one the right size or "undressed". I don't want to spend a fortune on an already decorated wreath only to have to take it apart before I can begin - kind of defeats the purpose of trying to save some money.

And so, I finally decided to bite the bullet and agree to accept a few "variations" on the theme. I will say that my Target does not have out their Halloween decor yet and there is still a chance they will have the feather wreath, but I am starting with what I have and will cross that bridge if and when I come to it!

So here is my jumping off point:

I decided to go with a 24" grapevine wreath. The plan is to spray it black and then wrap it a bit with a black feather boa. I bought one of the "wearable" boas instead of the ones they are featuring for Halloween. It was twice as expensive but I used a 40% off coupon and it will cover more because it is thicker,. The plan right now is to just give the suggestion of feathers but if it bothers me and I want the vines fully covered, I can pop back and get another boa.

Since I am going to use my full, medium sized skeleton instead of just a large skull and arms, it was pretty easy to find a fancy top hat. All of the craft stores had some form of this - it is a hat on a headband and will be super easy to take apart. If, for some reason I am not happy with the full skeleton on the wreath, I did see a bag of bones for only $10 at WalMart so I can head in that direction but then I will have to make a larger top hat - yet to be determined.

I was going to buy a blank wooden plaque for the words but had a brainstorm. Instead of spending however much a plaque would cost AND however heavy it would be, why not pick up a thin Halloween plaque at the dollar store and simply paint over it. I checked the Dollar Tree today and they didn't have any the right size or shape. If I can't find one at one of the other discount stores, I am thinking of just using balsa wood - still more to be determined.

The only way I will know how this will play out is to "just do it"! And so, that is my plan for tomorrow. I will let you peek in on the progress - as soon as there IS any!. Stay tuned.  

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