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Monday, August 2, 2010

Take time to smell the ...

This was my view as I drank my last cup of coffee this morning. From here, things aren't looking too bad. But, as I stand and meander around my yard, I realize that our summer heat and fierce afternoon storms - yes, they have finally started and thank goodness as everything was scorched - have pretty much wreaked havoc with most of the blooms. Not much left to smell let alone cut for a bouquet. It always makes me a bit sad to say good-bye to the pool for the year, but say good-bye I will if it means autumn is just around the corner. Besides, this is Florida - we can swim well into September. Of course, that goes totally against my seasonal time clock, but that's another story!

After reading some other bloggers this morning, I know that I am not the only one looking towards the fall holidays. I used this weekend to start pulling out ideas and supplies. That actually motivated me to clean out one of my craft armoires to be able to see what I've been shoving away all summer. And once that was done, I actually pulled out the fabric recently purchased and made my bedskirt extension!!!!! It feels so good to mark one more thing off the to-do list! It didn't take too long at all, but after sewing for 3 daughters and LOTS of girl Halloween costumes, I am over ruffles and put making them off at all costs. The bedskirt didn't need precise ruffles as they were going under the newly purchased and precisely ruffled by someone else skirt, but still I put it off. What a feeling of accomplishment and just think of all of the things I can shove under the bed again and now NO ONE can see!

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  1. Kudos. You must have figured out how to place pictures. I'll have to get a lesson from you down the road. We have "Fun Bobby" arriving tomorrow for a week and his wife coming in Thursday. Plus, not real sure what happened to my camera but it's not uploading photos. Haven't been too focused on the blog these days but hoping to get into a routine in the fall.