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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer days and bat visits

What a fun week it has been. Youngest daughter and family have been here visiting. About all anybody wants to do is swim because it is brutally HOT outside right now - thank goodness for our pool! We sat outside last night and were reminiscing about when we put the pool in - about 30 odd years ago. It has served us well!!! And, the difference between parenting and grandparenting was more than obvious. If I remember correctly, when our girls were younger, we used dusk and the arrival of the bats to round them up and bring them in. I'm not saying we did anything to scare them purposely, but I think I remember stories of bats diving and getting tangled in little girls hair. Don't judge me harshly. I was the mom of 3 very active girls and also working, G.S. leading, S.S. teaching, committee joining, volunteering and over achieving in a lot of ways. I was TIRED by this time of night. Getting the girls out of the pool was always a hassle! Don't tell me you wouldn't have used this trick yourself if you had thought of it!

In any case, fast forward 30 or so years and now the grandparents are in no hurry for the night to end - of course, we don't have to get the kids down for the night either. We're now the ones encouraging the bat watching, night swimming, etc. I must admit that my daughter and son-in-law were pretty cool with this too. I don't know, maybe times have changed and rules don't have to be as stringent as they once were. After all, time goes so quickly and in the blink of an eye, your little ones are grown and you are sitting and watching them "be you". And even if I am wishing it away, there IS something magical about a warm summer night.

And, speaking of time going quickly, Presley Paige Holland turned one year old today. Her party is scheduled for August 15, but we couldn't let her real day pass without some celebration so we took her to "her favorite" restaurant, "Harry's". Of course it doesn't hurt that
EVERYONE else in the family loves it too!

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