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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 3 of Autumn

I FINALLY got the dining room table clear again! Really didn't know it would be the task it turned out to be, but for the moment, I am done Halloween crafting and no longer have all of those ideas hanging over my head. Guess it's time now to take a look around outdoors as I have been neglecting the gardens, gutters, etc. for far too long! UGH!!

Here are a few of my autumnal decorations in the dining room. Others I left out as they somehow look better in person than in picture form. I am feeling the need for LARGE branches of fall leaves. I think I used to have them but I guess when I went on my "clear out a bit" binge, I got rid of them. After a number of seasons they just became dust collectors, but now I feel something is missing. Too bad I don't live somewhere where I could just go out in the yard and cut some but about the only thing here to cut right now would be ugly Live Oak leaves. I think I'll pass. Of course, the more I cut of those ugly things, the less would wind up in my pool, so maybe I should give it a try!

The lanterns on the niche I bought at Pottery Barn last year. Just HAD to have them because they looked so good in their huge store on their HUGE mantles and tables. Somehow they never quite translated that way in my house and I have difficulty using them in a creative way. I know there are so many more things I could do with them but I think I'm already thinking ahead to Halloween and just glad to have them up somewhere right now. Any ideas?

The apothecary jars are also just filled with the usual, but I'm O.K. with them. I do love all things mercury glass and will snatch that up whenever I see it! I even found a bunch of large orange mercury glass votive holders ( pretty green ones as well ) on a very rare trip to Big Lots. I bought all they had because orange and green will cover many holidays when mixed with the silver, gold and red ones I already owned. I love the glow the candle gives off coming through mercury glass.

And again, lots of rust seemed to pop up. The rusty leaf candleabra I bought a number of years ago at a gorgeous home decor boutique here in Ocala called Shannon Roth Designs. Her store is chock full of beautiful, European style decor. I can always count on finding something unique there and she is faithful to the seasons as well. The only problem is that uniqueness often comes at a pretty steep price and that is the case here! I get into big trouble every time I step in the door. I can't help myself. Something comes over me. I am helpless. I am a kid in a candy store again. I must have one of get the idea. I try to stay away!

I actually have today to myself. Don't know how that happened as my week was fully booked last night but appointments have been changed and I am looking at a day to do only what I want. I'm leaning toward going through old magazines, e-mails, etc. but will probably give in to my guilt and hit one of the chores on the ever growing to-do list. Maybe I'll even tackle one of the outdoor chores as I detected the slightest hint of coolness in the air this morning!

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