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Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Is More

Taking a break from pictures of my autumn decorations as I finish off a few Halloween projects so I can clean off my dining room table so I can take pictures to show you my next installment of autumn decorating. So..... these are a few of my "cheap" crafts - always good - because apparently I bought all of these things in the past & just got around to making. On second thought, I guess they aren't that cheap, but I digress......

The 2 postcard tags came from a kit. I think it was to make a banner but because I think I made enough banners last year - we'll see when I actually unpack - I thought a few different things for my spooky branches would be good. I didn't actually like the way they were meant to be made, so I changed them a bit, but they're still not a favorite. There are 4 more left in the kit to make but I think I'll put it away & wait for inspiration!

The other 2 tags are cards I bought from "Cherry's Jubilee" but I wasn't spending that much for a card, so I decided to change them up a bit & hang as well. Now that I think about it, those branches may be getting a bit crowded.

The last tag is one I made myself. I'm just getting started in the altered art, but I love it. I used a lot of Tim Holtz products and techniques. The flower is made from a scrap of black taffeta left over from a past costume. Never want to keep all of those scraps, but somehow I do and I never use them again. I don't know why I thought of this but everywhere you go you see these wrapped flowers and how easy was it - just twist, wrap and glue! Then, of course, a little glitter never hurt. It will probably hang on a jar lid or cloche.

The 2 pictures in the middle were really an after thought. I had seen where a blogger embroidered "The Raven" in the shape of the bird. I used to embroider a lot and very momentarily considered doing one myself but then sanity prevailed and I thought "why not just write the poem?" So. I found a raven outline and did just that. Somehow, that didn't move me, so I decided to cut a mat out and use it for the bird shape. I'm O.K. with it - still think something is missing, but when I had the bird that I cut out in hand, I didn't want to waste it so I thought I could use it for the reverse and hang the two pics together. I actually like this one more. I had the frames sitting around and thought they looked a bit gothic. Was going to paint them but decided against that idea in case I ever want to use them again.

Poe seems to be big in Halloween decorating this year, so I might go in that direction in one of my vignettes. Did I just say that? - I couldn't begin to tell you what is "big" in fashion this year, but I'm ALL OVER Halloween - I HAVE TO GET A LIFE!

Anyway, I'm going to clear the table today and then put out my autumn bedding so I should be ready with more pictures soon. I know you're on the edge of your seats, but you'll have to wait another day!

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