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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 4 Autumn

So we're on day 4 of our autumn tour of my house and even I am running out of things to say about acorns, leaves and pine cones.

The family room is kind of large - not large by today's standards in the new homes that are being built - but large for a room in a 37 year old home. It has quite a bit of autumn, but somehow doesn't photograph that well. I promise it looks cozier in real life.

The mantle is looking a bit tired to me. I looked at some gorgeous, new swags today that were full of leaves , acorns, etc. and very, very lush. They were 50% off at Hobby Lobby but even at that, they were not cheap and the thought of having to store more things that large almost gave me apoplexy! I truly don't think there is one square inch of hiding (storage) left in this house - and that includes under beds, inside decorative boxes, in drawers and on every gorgeous, huge floor to ceiling shelf my son-in-law installed on every wall of my garage. There is barely room left for a car, so I'm guessing it's time to call it quits!

The rusty leaf candelabra on the mantle is another of my treasures from Shannon Roth. I think I bought each configuration of this thing when I found them. I love their "rustiness"!

I do love the colors, scents and glows of autumn. They always calm me down and allow me to slow my pace just a bit and take more time to just sit and enjoy.

The entrance and bedroom are the only rooms left I am going to show you. I have been waiting to take the bedroom pictures until the TV and its large TV stand were put back in place. They have been pulled out from the wall for the last 4 days waiting for a TV technician - yes they still have them - who knew! - to show up. It has been forever since we needed a TV repaired. Now we have this monster, hi def thing that cost a fortune (except my husband thought he got such a good deal, he bought 2 hence the big monster thing in my bedroom that required a very precise sized piece of furniture to go on that couldn't be found so I had to pay way too much for one that isn't even well made....but, I digress! ) In any case, he finally showed up and of course, the thing that is broken is the biggest part there is apparently and not something normally carried, so it will be at least 7-10 more days until the part arrives and then who knows how long before it gets installed - but again, I digress!!!! We have now pushed the monster back against the wall so we can walk and the carpets can get cleaned this weekend. I am getting used to not watching TV in bed. I really would much rather read any way, but my eyes have gotten so bad that they get tired rather quickly at night and I find myself turning off the light before my husband has even made it to bed. Then, I wake up when he comes in. He doesn't have to come to bed early because he has been watching his normal sized TV in his office but then again......

It's a good thing my house is decorated in autumn right now. I will be putting those colors, scents and glows to the test! I feel the need to sit and calm down - can't imagine why my blood pressure is on the rise??!!??

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