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Friday, August 20, 2010

Still Remembering

It has now been almost a week since P's birthday party and I'm still thinking back on the day. It is always memorable when all of my family can be at the same place at the same time these days. I love how my girls try so hard to continue to work these days out, as I know it gets harder and harder as my grandchildren get older and have more commitments of their own. I cherish each and every time we can pull it off. Usually try to get a picture of my husband and me with all 7 but they were all going in different directions and having so much fun that I forgot about it this visit.

Thought I would share a few more images from the party as well as one of the boys from a recent stay in Ocala. We had spent the day at the park (well, mostly in the car trying to find the shadiest park, but that is another story) and came upon this NASA space module that "just happened" to land in Ocala. You can probably tell how "excited" the boys were, but Nana couldn't miss this photo op!

I know I have been promising Halloween -or at least fall- for awhile now and yesterday I set out to deliver. I took some time to organize both my thoughts and supplies. Seems that since I love this time of year so much, I apparently purchase anything in autumnal colors or black & orange all year long. Then, I must have a tendency to just "stuff" wherever I can find an inch. Before I start any seasonal anything, I really have to dig around and remind myself what I have. I also bookmark many, many ideas which need a little prodding before they come back to me. In any case, that was all done yesterday and the plan was to start today bright and early on Halloween crafting.

And, there was really nothing wrong with that plan except that I awoke to the most glorious rain storm this morning. It is really coming down. That is the perfect reason to give myself to today to light some candles and either curl up with my book or watch "Howard's End" or "The Shadowlands" (both of which I have been craving lately). Don't know which way I will go just yet but I can't really go wrong whichever I choose. I love rainy weekends!

I know my life is exciting - keeps you on the edge of your seat, doesn't it? Stay tuned for more adventure!!

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