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Thursday, March 8, 2018

While I'm Waiting!

It's one of "those" days. It is a day that I had ALL planned...until I didn't. You know, one of those days where life takes over when you least expect it.

I was happily sailing along on the good ship "spring has sprung" with a huge smile on my face. Everything seemed to be smooth sailing. Until I came home from Gainesville and opened my dish washer to put away the "clean" dishes from the load I had put on right before I left. The bottom of the machine was FULL of water. No worries. I figured maybe there was a power outage during the cycle so I hit the "cancel" button - which usually drains the machine - and NOTHING happened. Oh, it ran...but it didn't drain. I went and got the guide book, did all of the trouble shooting and still, no draining. And just when I was on the verge of calling the appliance repair company I use, I found the receipt. We had bought this machine almost 12 years ago to the day. Then I googled life spans for DW and we were on the waaayyy high end of the spectrum. Decided it probably wasn't worth putting any more money into this cutie so I was off to Lowes.

I found a machine very similar to my current machine and now, I wait. It is being delivered today...just don't know when. They will call when they are on there way but I don't even have a window. And, with my home phone answering machine not being 100% reliable these days and me not hearing my cell ring if I am further away than a few feet, I can't do any of the things I had planned. I am staying close to both phones for fear of missing the call.

That means the best place to be is in my office or the kitchen/dining/sun room here I am.

I got the kids' goodie bags put together. I'm still not sure how we'll do this this year but I will have some helpers here this weekend so a more difficult scavenger hunt may be in order. They are getting older so the clues can become more harder. Gotta make them work for that sugar overload!! The only things in there not edible this year are the rainbow eraser, the tattoos, the fingernail embellishments and the glow-in-the-dark bracelets.

And then, there is this.

My girlfriend and I have been thinking about having a craft day every once in awhile. As I have said before, it is hard for me to find things I haven't already done. I would be happy to do something again if I didn't STILL have my first efforts. You know that if it is a holiday item. I am probably holding on to it forever.

In any case, I have been seeing all of these burlap door hangers all over Pinterest. She and I are going to do an Easter one after spring break but I decided that while I had a 50% off fabric coupon at JoAnns, I would buy some supplies.

Well, thank you "Farmhouse Style". Seems that since this is all the rage, burlap is hard to come by. It is being used in decor of all types and the sales lady said they are selling it by the full bolt. Since I have never done this before and suspect that the burlap will sop up tons of paint, I bought a small piece of the only color they had and thought I would try a St. Pat's hanger to get the feel of the craft and see what other supplies we might need before she and I get started.

And so, I went to my trusty Pinterest and found all of these images. I loved the shamrocks but wanted to start with one that doesn't have fancy cuts and will probably hang "stiffer". Most of the images are from signs available from Etsy so, of course, there are no tutorials. On the sites where there is a tutorial, none of them suggested a clear coat. I'm a bit skeptical that just the craft paint alone will stiffener it enough so we shall see.

These are the images from Pinterest that I pulled for inspiration. It is a simple shape and I don't think I want any words either. We shall see as I get going. And, since I still have no idea when Lowes may show up, it looks like I will have plenty of time to fool around with it. Stay tuned.

I think I am going somewhere between these two polka dotted hats. For whatever reason, they are talking to me. I also love that black & white polka dotted ribbon. Looks like I will be heading back to HL after my delivery...if they're still open by then!

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