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Saturday, March 17, 2018

There's NO Stopping Me!

After a few small chores, I had the rest of today clear for crafting. My first task was finishing the burlap egg. I ended up using another round cookie cutter to make the polka dots and then simply filling them in. As I said, the colors are definitely darker than the colors I originally planned but I like them. I tend to use mostly violet and spring green when I decorate for both Easter and spring so I guess these choices make sense for me.

Since I left the edges of the egg the natural burlap color, I thought a burlap bow would tie it all together but it needed a bit more and I found this spring green ribbon in my stash. I think it dressed up the bow just enough. I still have to put on the wire hanger and it will be done...just in time for Easter decorating. I had originally wanted to do a kind of black dot-dash pattern around the edges but, luckily, I painted a small piece of burlap to experiment with what I wanted to use. I tried a marker, a paint pen and a VERY thin brush with black paint. Because of the texture of the burlap I wasn't able to get a thin, straight line with any of those mediums so I left it plain. I also didn't paint the white highlights on the dots like in the inspiration piece because I thought it made them look more like bubbles. As I always remind everyone, I am a purist when it comes to some things and once you get this far, if you paint on something you don't like, it is almost impossible to paint over it because it makes another layer of paint on the texture that looks different with each layer. For once, I was smart enough to stop while I was ahead....

...almost. I was having so much fun that I decided to try a bunny or two or four!

So this is where I am stopping today. I think I have decided to just give these guys violet dots and then they will get a fluffy flower for their tails. They are going so much faster than the egg and not soaking up ANYWHERE near the amount of paint that I used on the egg. Kind of wish I had stock in a craft paint company. My guess is their stocks have gone up considerably as this craft of burlap painted door hangers - and everything else - has gotten so popular! Lol

I am really hooked on this craft. I don't know why I am so taken by it but I am. I could barely sleep last night thinking about moving on to this next step. So, as soon as the sun was up a bit and I could focus my eyes, I got these dots on the bunnies.

The inspiration picture had a carrot hanging from the bunny. I wasn't sure I wanted to add orange to my mix of violet and spring green - I told you I am a bit weird about colors - but, since this is supposed to be the back of the bunny, there isn't a whole lot more embellishing I can do after adding the tails - which I am off to buy in a bit. And so, I figured while I still had all of the painting paraphernalia out, I would paint up some carrots just in case. Jury is still out.

So this project - and this post - are FINALLY done. Here is where I went with them.

My girlfriend is coming over one day this week to learn how to do this and I will be making another. Not sure what I will do this time but I know I will enjoy the process once again. I'm off to do some St. Pat's celebrating and then tomorrow, green comes down and Easter goes up. Stay tuned.

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