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Wednesday, March 14, 2018


I am happy to say that I made it through the garage sale. And, as much as I dreaded doing it, I must say that it was so nice to share the day with a lot of my family members and meet lots of very nice people. I can honestly say that all of my things found their way to good homes...and those that didn't got donated to a good cause. My house feels so much bigger this week and I was anxious to start some spring cleaning but we are having a ( much needed!! ) rainy day and for some reason, to me, nothing looks clean in dreariness so I am saving that for tomorrow and using today to make plans and write lists!

Because I had so much fun making the St. Pat's burlap door hanger, I'm already thinking about the one(s?) I will do for Easter. Again, I headed back to Pinterest and that is where I found these images. I know an Easter egg or bunny shape is about the easiest thing to do but I like to start with an inspiration. Here are a few images that got me excited.

I don't know why but I am leaning in this direction. I once took a decorating class out at our local college and the instructor said in order to define your style, get a bunch of magazines and leaf through them very quickly. Pull out the images that you are drawn to. Do not stop to think or reason...just go on instinct and when you are done, go back through what you have and you will be amazed at how many similarities they have and your style will begin to emerge. I have done this many times in the years since and she was right. I like the pastel colors of this egg. I always prefer pastels at Easter although most other times of the year I would be looking for more vibrancy. I also like the simplicity of this design although I might add a band of black around the outside to help it pop.

I don't want to do words or these colors but I am toying with the zigzags.

I like the black "slashes" on this one and the colors but I don't like just zigzag - maybe on half the egg? I think I'm going to pull out my colored pencils and make a few samples to give me a better idea.

I like this bunny a lot...

...or maybe this guy but the distance between those ears makes me think the fabric might start to droop in on itself here in the land of humidity. I do love that little face.

I've also started looking back at the past years of Easter decor. I'm' making those plans as well because Easter from St. Pat's will have to be a quick change. And, it looks like I won't even be here for the big day this year. Daughter #1 has invited me to go on a little vacation with her. She and I and grand daughter #4 would head up to Tallahassee to visit grand daughter #2. I would get a chance to see her apartment, sorority house, campus, etc. Sounds like fun.

But, until then, I am surrounded with green. Since the garage sale took so much "heavy labor" and then, my son-in-law, daughter and grand daughter stayed on to get the new dish washer installed, I was exhausted. So, I very reluctantly gave up on any ideas of a big St. Pat's celebration before the gang headed to Utah for a week of skiing. I ended up just having Presley dress up for a picture and sending her brothers' goodie bags home to them...there's always next year.

We are actually in for a number of very cold nights this week although our days will be lovely. I am panicking about all of the new, flowering hanging baskets I just bought and hung so I think I'm going to head out and do some damage control. I usually don't even cover things in a frost but these plants are a bit more delicate than the things planted in the ground...not to mention, expensive and BRAND new. Maybe I did rush the season a bit too fast. "sigh" Stay tuned.

P.S. This one might be good for a cry laugh? After all of the time I spent picking out my new dish washer - mostly because I had a few "had-to haves" (stainless inside and out, quiet and pretty handle ) - imagine my surprise when, after a long install by my son-in-law, I couldn't open the door! Yep, I HAD NEVER considered that this DW is facing one corner of my kitchen while a drawer full of much needed essentials is facing the other. I guess I have never had a DW with a handle before so this has never been an issue. I thought of moving the stuff in that drawer to another but it is truly the largest drawer in the kitchen and all of that stuff will not fit in another. I'm sure I will come up with something but, for now, I just have to open the DW before I can get into the drawer!!??! I sure wasn't about to have my sweet SIL take that thing out again. Lol

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