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Monday, June 19, 2017

Wild Ride

Every time I think we have finished the "crazy" that is our life and things will start to get boring, something new and wonderful always seems to pop up for us! This past week was no exception! We had many appointments, a trip out of town and the "beginning" of the celebrations for hubby's birthday this year. It seems like the women's way of celebrating in this family has rubbed off on him and he began his week of celebrating last Tuesday with a surprise party thrown by daughter #2 and her family as they knew they would be off on a cruise for Father's Day and his real day. He truly didn't expect it at all which made it more fun!

And, as if that isn't enough excitement-lol-my brother and sister-in-law came down for the weekend and took us out for a wonderful birthday dinner on Saturday.

And then yesterday, Father's Day, the "girls" hosted a day for all of the men in our lives. And, since I won't get to be with daughter #3 and her family for the 4th as they will be on vacation, I seized the opportunity to "celebrate" the holiday yesterday as well. I ALWAYS love it when I can put my holiday stash to good use. I must say that I started well intentioned with the picture taking and then the hosting duties kicked in so I really missed a lot of photo ops. Just know that a good time was had by all!

I had fun setting the table. I wanted a meal I could assemble a day or so ahead so I could enjoy the family time on Sunday as well and I wanted it to be something the guys would like so I went with Michael Symon's "World's Best Baked Ziti" (recipe from The Chew), steamed broccoli, a big salad with all the toppings and 2 kinds of artisan breads. We let my husband choose dessert and he went with shortbread cookies and lots of fresh fruit-who knew?

Look at the centerpiece. It is the one I have been using in the sunroom and I copied it from a very similar one I found on Pinterest. I had originally planned to make a larger white, wood box but I already had this one and time was short so I went with what I had and it is perfect!

My plan had been to get pictures of everyone at the table but once the food went down, we started serving and passing and this is what I got!

After eating, we did gifts for Father's Day and then these 3 hit the pool while the guys zoned in on the U.S. Open

You would think that after all of that celebrating, my husband would be done for this year but tomorrow is his "real" day and there is more to come. As I have said many times before, "we know how to milk a birthday in this family"! More 4th to come also. Stay tuned.

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