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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Finishing Up!

Since the big day is almost here, I thought I'd better hurry up and get the rest of the 4th decor documented. Not much left to show you but here we go.

The sunroom is simple once again because we use this room so often and don't need to be constantly moving things to get to other things. This is the centerpiece I made from one I saw on Pinterest.

I still smile every time I look at this silly Uncle Sam that the kids and I made a few years ago.

The guest bath is decked out as well.

The front of the house before I remembered I had some buntings and added one over the window.

And, just to make sure it was official, hubby had two more birthday celebrations.

We don't usually do dessert at Bonefish since we always do an appetizer (we LOVE those bang-bang shrimp) but because this was a special day...and he heard the words "bread pudding", dessert was a GO tonight. I am not much of a bread pudding fan-although I have begun to wonder why because I never met a loaf of bread that I didn't like-but, I digress...but, this was a bread pudding with a summer fruit compote and ice cream AND whipped cream...AND, it was yummy! They brought two spoons so hubby didn't have much choice but to share!

I think I have mentioned how I seem to have so much less time in a day than I did when I was younger. At the beginning of each week, I look at the calendar and think the week ahead just may be the week where I can "steal" some time to myself. But then the week begins and all of the lovely little things that keep life "interesting" begin to pop up. This past week was no exception. It began with our family room TV/TiVo not working properly. I am NOT a technology person so I find it hard to even voice my problem when trying to find an answer. I use the wrong term and before I know it, we're fixing something that "ain't broke"! In any case, this time the problem was solely Cox Cable and even after I thought we had finally achieved our goal, some magic key in the sky was pressed and the two other TiVos went out-yes, apparently something like that can really happen. It turned into a full day of trips to the Cox "Solution" Store and numerous phone calls but we were finally up and working just in time to find out that I could no longer get onto my online banking or this blog. And then, the cracked skylight that I have been carefully watching and waiting for the roofer to get out here to give me a quote turned out to be the least of my troubles when I noticed a new stain on the sunroom ceiling.

Thankfully I remembered a roofer in our church congregation and he was out here Sunday afternoon and took it all in. He said he would be back and at 8 a.m. Monday morning I got a call saying he was out front and heading up to the roof.  Three hours later we not only had a patched roof and new skylight but he cleaned out all of our gutters and blew the entire roof. The difference in the brightness of the kitchen is amazing. Our old skylight had turned sort of cloudy and yellow over the years and the new one is clear and lovely. I'm' sure in the Florida sun it won't stay that way long but I will enjoy it while it does. It is so bright it almost makes the white of the kitchen seem blue-ish...if you know what I mean.

And while I am still waiting for the computer guy-who has pushed me back several times-wonder of all wonders, I sit down at this desk at 2 a.m. today...another sleepless night or I'm just not needing as much sleep these days...and both my banking and this blog are up and working again. I can't wait to call the computer guy in the morning but I suspect he did something from his house to fix the problem. He was our "guy" when hubby was still in practice and has us set up so that he could control things from his home. If that's the case, I just wish he would have done it sooner...but, again, I digress...and maybe I will try to go back to bed and catch a few more minutes of sleep before the sun comes up. All is currently right with the world-or at least our humble abode-for the moment. Can't wait to see what adventures tomorrow brings. Stay tuned.

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