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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Feeling Patriotic

So on we go to the family room. Lots just the same as last time but with the addition of more of my "flame-less" candles all on timers, I love to be sitting in this room right about dusk when they all just light up. The glow is beautiful and I could honestly nestle in there forever!

You can see all of my 4th photos in the TV armoire and on the shelves so I am not going to bore you with pictures of them...just know that there is no red, white or blue frame safe anywhere near me. My photos on these shelves serve as my "living" scrapbooks and I look at them all often! I love our memories of so many 4ths together and always looking to make more!

I love my Uncle Sams. I have several here as well as the ones in the living room. They all came from "The Shoppe" in Micanopy and it is kind of reminding me that we need to make another visit to this sleepy little town soon.

This wreath is one of my most reposted pins on Pinterest. My daughter made it for me many years ago. I loved it so much that I took it apart and laminated it and it has stood the test of time so well. Sadly, I would need a LOT BIGGER wreath these days to recapture those now not-so-little handprints!

When I took out my 4th boxes this year, I found this frame that I must have bought late last summer when HL was almost giving it away. I went to print a 5X7" photo when I realized that all of the pictures I had ran horizontally and this is one of a few frames that simply could not be used in either direction. I was going to make a new stand for it when I came upon this old image of a Good Housekeeping cover and fell in love with it. A quick download later and here it is. That being said, the next time I have all 7 grand kids in one spot for the 4th, I will probably try to squeeze them all into a vertical picture to use. As much as I love this little girl, I would rather see those faces I love looking back at me!

 So that's it for this room. Today is 2nd Sunday so company will be arriving soon. I'm watching the weather so I'm not sure exactly what chores we might tackle but I know for certain there will be a yummy dinner at the end of the day. Stay tuned.

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