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Friday, June 9, 2017

Hooray for the Red, White and Blue!

Even though I have not been able to find time to create any new crafts for the 4th yet this year, I have managed to get the house decorated. We have been having some much needed rain of late and although my lawn and gardens are very happy, I am pretty much housebound as my eyes just aren't good driving in heavy rain any more-hence, no chance to buy new supplies but lots of time to decorate!

Welcome to 4th of July 2017!

I will admit that because my time is so limited these days, there isn't a lot of it left for rearranging. I kind of took the easy way out and put things back where they were last year. Of course, as I begin to get out and about a bit in the next few weeks, if I see a new treasure, make a new craft or tweak what I have, things may change a bit. But, for now, if it ain't broke...

I still LOVE this "liberty" banner that I made many years ago. I think you know the story...I saw it on a Bethany Lowe site and loved it but the price was high and I figured I could make it. And, so I did without even looking at the dimensions. Fast forward to a trip to The Shoppe in Micanopy where lots of Bethany Lowe is featured and I spy this very banner-except that it is on a small feather tree. Apparently her banner is in miniature. I have to admit I like mine better and it made the price of hers even more ridiculous-although, I will say, if I had all of the money in the world, my house would probably be covered in her holiday things. Her vintage designs speak to my heart!

I must admit that when I look around this room and see so many of the things I have crafted over the years, I get a bit sad that I haven't done anything so far this year. I think I need to FIND the time to get something done! I made this flag holder out of old "ball feet" that I found at the "FancyFlea" a few years ago and the flag picture is just an inexpensive flag removed from its dowel and then the words to the Pledge of Allegiance written on the striped lines.

I still love the U.S.A. hanger also. The girls and I made these as gifts for everyone years ago. We just got inexpensive wood letters, covered them in 4th scrapbook paper and embellished. A little twisted wire and you're done!

The framed print on the blanket chest is just a page ripped from an old Mary Englebrit magazine.

Did you see the "new kid on the block"? This beautiful rusty tin tray was a Mother's Day gift from daughter #1. Does she know me or what? A BIG statement made of tin and rusty and old looking...what could be better?! And, it is one of those pieces that will probably stay out all year in one vignette or another. I LOVE it when that happens!!

It feels so good to be getting myself back on a bit of a routine-although at this point in my life flexibility is good too! Spring is just a crazy busy time-always-in our family and when you add in a H.S. and a college graduation and the festivities that ensue, life gets super busy...but, so many memories are made that getting a little behind on the every day things is a small price to pay! There is more to come so stay tuned.

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