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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Almost Done

While I have a spare minute, I thought I would share our 4th kitchen. Not much different but it all works.

I am so glad I am finally using the baker's rack the way it was meant to be used-I think. It was so easy this weekend to just grab the dinnerware and serving pieces for use and then just as easy to put them all away after use. And, since almost everything is in plain sight, I use it all so much more!

I guess I was good at ripping pages out of magazines and framing them up because I think this is the third one I have shared just for the 4th. They're all vintage images which makes it all the better in my opinion!

Note to self: ALWAYS check for fingerprints before taking pictures! lol. They truly don't look like this in person but when that flash hits...YIKES!!


So that is this year's kitchen. I still haven't found that PERFECT thing to craft for this year's new treasure and time seems to be moving rather quickly. I haven't given up the search but I'm not sure it will happen. You'll have to stay tuned.

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