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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Darn Those "New Eyes"

I have posted often about what I call looking at things with "new eyes". To me, that means living with something so long that you don't really see it any more and then one see it with "new eyes"-the way a stranger to your house would probably see it. In some cases, I guess, that might be O.K. But, alas, all too often it is not. And so, I am FINALLY looking at our master bath with new eyes-and, just in the nick of time as demolition is set for May 13!

I know I have posted about our home many times before. We bought our house as it was being built for spec almost 43 years ago. We were able to make some minor changes but since it was being featured in that year's Parade of Homes, there were certain things the builder would not change as he wanted those things presented to the viewing public. I was young and was just thrilled to be buying a brand new, larger home for our growing family.

The four large bedrooms were the selling point as we had three girls by now and their age differences just did not work well with sharing rooms.

Over the years, we have literally changed EVERY SURFACE of this house-new windows, new doors, brick and stucco exterior, added a sun room and large family room with fireplace, added a large pool and many gardens, changed flooring, counter tops, faucets, door handles, appliances, colors....!!!

But, there is one thing that remains-the original blue tub and tile surround in our master bath. The guest bath was gutted many years ago and I still love its transformation but our bathroom is just horrible-at least it is now-to my "new eyes".

We did put in ceramic tile when that first became popular. I painted the FAUX BLUE MARBLE vanity ages ago and we did change the top-to white formica!!! We put in a new white commode, added a cabinet over the commode and have changed the faucet a few times.

And yet, as they say, it is like putting lipstick on a pig-lol! And so, the time has finally come to address the issue. Our decorator daughter has come up with the design and we will soon be off and running-and none too soon because I just realized how truly ugly this room has been!!!

This house was built back before the days of humongous bathrooms. I am not necessarily a fan of a bathroom the size of a ballroom, but a little bit more square footage in here might have been nice.

Please forgive those dirty prints on the towel-I had just washed my hands after doing some gardening-oops, I guess I just got caught doing a no-no but those delphiniums just HAD to get put in!

In any case, the plans are to knock down the wall between the commode and vanity. I'm not sure how I will like that after all these years but I know it will help open up the area.

Then, the blue tub is coming out and the blues tiles are coming down. They will be replaced with a walk-in shower with frameless glass door. Since I LOVE my baths, I am also not sure I will adore this change but with age comes change and since this one is probably something we will need before long any way, why not just jump the gun.

 The new vanity will be in the same place but there will be a tall cabinet on the right to house sheets and other ugly storage. There will also be some floating wood stained shelves over the commode for the "pretty" stuff.

The floors are going to be a beigey-grey along the lines of the granite vanity top and, for the first time ever, I will have an under mount sink. Sure hoping it makes it easier to clean as everyone keeps telling me!

I truly am speechless as I look at these pictures-don't know what I was thinking but sure glad it took me this long to see the real picture-at least I only have 12 more days to look at it like this.

And, as long as I have admitted to it, I might as well show you where the delphiniums are now living. I love that pop of bluish-purple. I am hoping these will still be blooming when it is time to pick some 4th of July bouquets. Stay tuned.

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