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Sunday, May 22, 2016

It's the "Litle" Things

So by now you know that I am going crazy doing just "little" projects around the house while I keep myself available for construction consultations. Today the electrician is here with the contractor and, I must say, the questions I have been answering were finally things that I really cared about-up to now it has been mostly "behind the scenes" kind of things. I know they were important as well but just not as visible.

And, even though I am doing things that usually wouldn't get me excited, today I am almost giddy with my choice. I have had a pile of "fix-it" kind of projects just getting bigger and bigger. The kids-and my daughters as well if truth be told-think Nana can fix anything. While that is very complimentary, it can also be more a bit intimidating. Since they have so much faith in me, I try hard to please-sometimes successfully, sometimes not so much!

Today I have glued an ear back on a bunny salt shaker, glued a sword back together, glued a wing, hand and ear back on a ceramic dragon painted by my youngest grand daughter (which is still missing another hand but it is apparently nowhere to be found), restitched a seam in hubby's PJ bottoms, reconstructed the hat on a pumpkin pillow that one of the dogs chewed off back in October and sewed on multiple missing buttons from shirts-even though this is supposed to be something that the cleaners would do. Seems they have "missed" seeing the small buttons on the collar so many times that I just gave in and did it myself.

But, the one thing that has me totally frustrated is this little guy:

When my oldest daughter was just a toddler, I made her a complete set of Winnie the Pooh animals for Christmas one year. Most of them were made out of a heavy fabric and have stood the test of time...and attics...and storage PODS...but, this poor guy was made out of a much lighter weight fabric because it was the only fabric I could find that was the color of Kanga back then.

When she first asked me if I could fix him-after she had just unearthed him after her last move and a year in a POD-I thought I could whip stitch her up. I knew she would never look the same again but she would definitely look "loved". But when I tired to take the first stitch, it was evident that this fabric was so brittle that the stitches would just pull right through the edge of the tear.

So my next best bet was to re-enforce the tear with some felt of a matching color and fabric glue it together. Of course, there were bits of the fabric just missing but she is back together-such as it is.

And then, I simply could not ignore the missing stuffing. Can you believe that foam bits were what we used for stuffing way back then? I opened Kanga's back and gave her a fuller face and head using fiberfill this time. I also re-threaded a new piece of elastic through her pouch. I guess after 46 plus years the old one just gave out.

I was also going to give her a new mouth and eye to replace the missing ones but decided to wait on that until I asked my daughter. I had to repair a "blankie" for a grand daughter years ago. It was missing an eye so I bought some new ones, took it apart, replaced the eye and when I was putting it back together, I decided to put on a new blanket binding because the old one was really tattered. I presented the blankie to my grand daughter thinking she would be so happy-and she was. But then, her smile started to slip and I asked her what was wrong. She told me she loved the new binding but she missed the feel of the old one. She used to rub it between her fingers to help fall asleep. I felt horrible but she told me she would get used to the new one-and she did-and it soon became as tattered as the old. But, I learned my lesson and try only to do what I am asked. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!

O.K. I know. She is FAR from perfect but she IS back together and no longer spilling out foam rubber pieces everywhere! I used fabric glue to put her together and even though it dries clear, this fabric was so brittle that the glue seeped through and is showing up hard and shiny. I wish I could just throw her in the washer and see what happens but I am afraid she will totally disintegrate so it is what it is. I can't wait to return her to her rightful owner next week and see her reunited with Roo.

I am off to get some paint on the bathroom walls. I can't do it all because there is still more drywall and mud to come but if I can get the wall behind the commode before the commode is back in, I will be happy. Stay tuned.

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