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Thursday, May 19, 2016

"Come In My Little Pretties"

...or as they say, "Rome wasn't built in a day"!

The contractor just finished day number two and still all that is done is a bit of framing, floors leveled, some backer board up and various and sundry other "boring" things! I know that all of this is very important for a good finished project, but I am so antsy to see the fun stuff happen. Tomorrow will be some plumbing-no thrills there-and then maybe we will really get going. In any case, I have answered lots of "where do you want it" kinds of questions so I am still hopeful that we will get there-eventually!

Since the jackhammering didn't get off every bit of tile remnants, a skim coat was used to level the surface. The contractor said he could hand chip the rest of it but we would be covered in yet another thick coat of dust, I opted for this remedy-don't know how much extra it will cost, but, believe me, it will be worth it to minimize dust. The shower drain got moved today and that brought on a whole other coating. Guess it goes with the territory! 

Day 1 saw the wall get framed. I wish we could have gone with all glass on the shower but since we lost the wall on the other side of the room, we needed a bit of wall surface back for towels, decor, etc. I thought it may make the shower area too dark but since we will have a light as well as the the opening at the top of the wall, we will be fine.

Here is where we are after day 2-niches are framed in, all of the wall board that can go up is up (waiting on the plumber and electrician before the rest can get finished).

No longer necessary "stuff" is getting filled in. And, oh yes, two more buckets of ground up concrete-and all of the dust that accompanies them throughout the rest of the house!

Once again I say, "Come in my little pretties". This the kind of stuff I'm waiting for. I have always known I am a "visual" person. I learn by seeing. I am not the inventive type-someone else has to do that and then I am a great "copier". Oh, I can embellish and make changes but the initial thing has to be started by someone else.

Hence the reason I am having so much trouble envisioning this room completed. I know what I like and I decorate a lot on instinct so I am pretty sure we will end up exactly where I want to be but I am trying hard to "get it" on just the first or second try. I just don't have it in me any more to run to ten different stores to compare prices, sizes, finishes, etc.-very UNLIKE a daughter who shall go un-named who would drive all the way to Atlanta for a tub or a door!!!

In any case, my goal for this room is a bit spa-like but with an edge-if that makes sense. I have chosen tiles and granite with a mix of soft beiges and, yes, grays. I am using pretty clean lines-at least for the "clutterish" kind of person that I am. But, I am adding dark stained wood floating shelves over the commode and probably other rustic type accessories as I find them. And then, I wanted that one pop of unexpected "bling" so I chose this sparkly ceiling fixture. It may not be fun to clean but since I don't see all that well these days, it will take a lot before I see the dirt-lol. 

This pile of "pretties" has been most patient. We bought all of that back in March-but, their wait is almost over! All except the stainless tiles. Jen and I both came to the same conclusion about them-just a bit too off the wall for this room. Hope we made the right choice.

In any case, that is where we are. I am not a good "waiter" but I am trying to be patient. Even though we have a really on-the-ball contractor, he is at the mercy of his subs-and so we wait!

At least I'm still in control of these pretties!!


 Ahhhhh! Stay tuned.

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