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Monday, May 2, 2016

Thinking "Outside the Box"-FINALLY!

I think I have posted before about my birthday present from two of my daughters. They bought me the hardware for the barn doors I have been wanting in our family room. It was a lovely surprise. But, the rest of the surprise was that it was now up to me and my son-in-law to figure out what to do with them. Apparently "designers" only "design"-lol

Since I love Pinterest so much, I was pretty ready as to the doors I wanted to make. I just knew I could not hang the heavy hardware or transport the heavy wood. And so, when my son-in-law dropped by this weekend, I ambushed him with the news and we got planning right away.

And, of course, the first thing we did was to rip open those boxes.

In those smaller boxes, there are LOTS of little pieces but luckily, the directions seem pretty detailed and he tells me we are good to go.

And then, I showed him my design for the doors. I am a pretty simple gal-and, I am not fancy at all. I don't need perfection-in fact, sometimes, I truly don't want it! I like what the world calls shabby chic. In fact, I liked that look long before it had that name. I was perfectly fine with nailing some 1X4s around a piece of plywood and calling it a day. But, him being the engineer that he is, he just couldn't justify the raw edges of the wood. I told him I would paint and distress them and no one would be the wiser but he just couldn't go with that thought. He showed me the "real" way it should be done which involves routing, dovetailing and all sorts of other big words-but, he assures me we can do it. He is off on a quest to find the best wood and then we will get going.

I am getting very excited-two of my long awaited projects seem to be getting ready to kick off soon. I LOVE projects-can't wait!!! Stay tuned.

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