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Monday, May 23, 2016

Always Fun

As the grand children are getting older and more and more involved in their own lives with school, jobs, sports, etc, it gets harder and harder to get us all together. We have come to accept the fact that whenever we get get any number of us there, it is a celebration. And so it was this weekend. Our third grand daughter turned 17 this past week and we got together to celebrate her in all of her sweetness. It was prom weekend for grand daughter #2 so their family was missing as was our oldest grand son who was in Crystal River for the weekend and our SIL who was attending an engineering conference. But what we lacked in numbers we made up for in love and laughs. It is always fun!

We're supposed to be singing "Happy Birthday" but by the looks on those two faces, I'm guessing silliness may be occurring!

Only very special people get three birthday cakes-including one very special request for one of Aunt Cyndi's homemade carrot cakes with cream cheese icing! Yummy!!

All this celebrating wears a body out!

And a quick look-see to show where the renovation stands as we speak:

This is the shower. I really wish we had been able to find a way to make it larger but it is what it is. Moving major plumbing and exterior walls was just not in the budget At least I got my double niche and bench. I think once the tile and structureless glass door get put it, it will appear larger and we will be fine! Again, it isn't BLUE! Enough said!!

I got a coat of paint on whatever was there to be painted and it really makes a huge difference. I always loved my brown walls but the new room just calls for something lighter. Because the tiles and granite both have veins of taupes and grays, we thought a white that leaned towards the pale gray might work so we chose Sherwin Williams HGTV "nebulous white". I almost never paint a room white...I like we will see how I do with this. It is definitely lighter and brighter and, since we are going to add some dark, rustic elements to this space, I think it will serve as the perfect backdrop for everything. And, I am doing a little happy dance that I got so much painted before obstacles came in! I will have to really dislike this color A LOT before I will decide to repaint once everything is in its place.

I thought I would show you how our week started and then this will probably be my last post for awhile.

This was the start of many award ceremonies, moving-up ceremonies, award dinners and a high school graduation for us. We will be heading to daughter #1 in St. Pete early on Wednesday morning. I will try to get Harrison's 5th grade "graduation" posted before we leave but, if not, I will have much to share when we get back in June. Stay tuned...and then we are on to the 4th of July decorating...and hopefully the big bathroom reveal!

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