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Monday, May 9, 2016

Feeling Celebrated!

So, as usual in this family, we found a way to stretch out our Mother's Day celebration. And, since it was all about us ladies, it was definitely a good thing!-Lol

We started our celebration on Friday morning with pedicures. The salon we go to always makes for a long and relaxing experience and I always leave feeling so refreshed. Then, we were off to one of our favorite little downtown restaurants for lunch.

This was hubby's first time at Stellas. He is not necessarily a fan of small places but this gourmet/kitchen shop/restaurant is so delicious and serves such unique food that we knew he would love it-and he did! Our meals were delicious and filling but when Jen surprised us with a dessert sampler, we found room for it all! Yum!!

We finished gorging eating just in time to pick up the kids from school and then we headed back to their house. We visited for awhile and then played a "spirited" game of Yahtzee. While we were playing, Har was telling me about a project he had due on Monday and wondered if Nana could help. Having more craft supplies than HL, I was excited to lend a hand.

And so, on Saturday morning, Har and Hud came over to begin the project. Har had to make a parade float depicting the book he was reporting on, Moby Dick. He knew exactly how he wanted it to look just not sure how he would execute it. What fun we had pulling out almost every tool and trick I had. We literally used wood, the sewing machine, paints, skewers, chop sticks, twine and LOTS of hot glue. He was very happy with the result and proud of himself for getting it done actually over a day before it was due!-Ha-ha

When Jen and the kids left on Saturday afternoon, they invited us for a Mother's Day brunch the next day. As I was just about ready to get dressed, I happened to look out of our front windows and see a car drive up. Couldn't imagine who it might be as I wasn't expecting company so I was super surprised when daughter #2 got out. Can't imagine a better gift for Mother's Day than to spend it with the very reason I get to celebrate the day. Just sorry we were missing daughter #1 but with all of the graduation and testing activities going on in St. Pete, they couldn't make it-but, we did have a very long phone visit later in the day.

Our newest "grand" is growing so fast. She is just sooo cute!

My son-in-law made our breakfast of veggie quiche, oven roasted potatoes, sliced ham and fruit. I was so hungry that I failed to snap a picture but it was delicious. And, dessert was super yummy!

We all had a wonderful visit. Our weather is still springtime picture perfect so it was beautiful sitting outdoors and just having a chance to catch up on all of everyone's' spring activities-just a super busy, crazy time of the year with all of the school and sport activities coming to an end!

Today is the first day we will have an uninterrupted full day at home in a very long time. I have so many things I want to address but since the weather is still gorgeous, I suspect whatever I decide on will definitely be outdoors. Stay tuned.

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