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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Another Day in the Sun

Our weather was perfect again today so we pretty much spent the ENTIRE day outside. I got all of the side yard trimmed back, the latest 16 bags of mulch laid and all of the new little pretties planted that I found while out and about yesterday.

And, in keeping with my new "clear out and re-purpose what I already have" motto, I also did a little outdoor decorating.

Since I last showed you this new potting area, I have hung the wrought iron rack that was to come down in our master bath reno. It is coming in very handy here holding hanging tools. And, to give the area a bit more height and to kind of disguise that cable cord running into hubby's office, I propped my cathedral window frame. I love the look but am going to keep looking for a really old, beat up window frame to use instead because this window was pretty costly and not really meant for outdoors...and, I think I do actually use it in some seasonal vignettes but right now I really can't remember when!

Of course, the blank area to the right of the bench is bothering me now so I am on the hunt for something to hang there. Thought I might use something that would hold a plant. It will bring some "life" to this area and now that I will be over here more often and have a nice new hose set-up, it won't be a problem to water at all.

The garden area over here has always pretty much just been an azalea and rain lilies so I decided to perk it up a bit as well with more gerbera daisies.

The corner of the garden by our sun room has always been another neglected area simply because it is an area we can't irrigate because of the house foundation and I just don't need any more things to have to tend to EVERY day. But then, I had this old, large, ceramic bowl that we used to use for the base of a fountain and it has just kind of been "hanging around" for several years. Since it was also fairly expensive, I didn't want to just pitch it so I thought I would try a container garden. I filled the bottom with broken clay pots for some drainage and then added a sun-loving hosta and some moss roses. I think I will fill in the rest of the area with some "creeping" filler of some kind.

I put back the birdbath and old watering can for now but this is definitely a work in progress.

Getting very excited-demolition starts on Friday. Once that actually happens I know the project is a go because it will be kind of hard to function without a master bath. And, just think of the photo ops! Stay tuned!

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