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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Pinch Me!!

No, I'm not getting ready for St. Patrick's Day just yet-although I will admit to thinking about it, looking at last year's decor and projects and buying a few cute things already. I am talking about where I found myself yesterday!

I truly thought I had died and gone to heaven. This is the place dreams are made of-a beautiful yard full of miles and miles of granite-or so it seemed.

I have dreamed of putting granite in our master bath and our kitchen for years. Our house is 43 years old. We have updated it frequently so none of the original Formica remains but I have been wanting the granite ever since it came into fashion. I just love the look and feel of it.

Our kitchen will be a pretty large project and we are not ready to start that just yet, but it is time to do the bathroom. We have changed out everything in this room more than once except for the original blue tub and surround. I truly can't believe it is still there but it is just one of those things. I have found beautiful shower curtains that work with the color but don't emphasis it and I have been OK. But now we have a drip issue in the tub faucet and I just didn't want to buy a new faucet for this ugly tub. I thought about just changing the tub but then our kids suggested a walk-in shower for this bathroom instead. Probably not a bad idea as hubby has two knee replacements and I'm not getting any younger myself! Of course, that means new tile and if we are doing that, then how about a new vanity and then why not a new floor...well, you get the picture.

Lucky for us, our youngest daughter has established herself as quite a successful and sought after decorator here in town and she does these renos every day so she is guiding us along. She has beautiful taste but is enough of a good decorator that she knows what we like before we really even know we do. Case in point, the granite choice. I started by picking out what I "thought" I liked but she wasn't necessarily enamored with any of my choices. She explained why and before I knew it, I had honed in on the perfect piece and she tells me that was what she had been thinking of all along. So not where I started, but I love it.

The colors are off in this picture but it has bits of a soft misty green, gray, taupe and soft white. I think it will play in with all of our other choices so far. It is going to be a bit of a spa-like feel but grounded with pops of dark woods.

The cabinet is a soft white with a chocolate glaze. It is going to have lots of drawers and a cabinet to the ceiling so I am hoping that will hide all of our ugly stuff and we can have open shelving in other areas. This is not a huge space, so I am excited to see what designer secrets she has up her sleeve to make this gorgeous!

And then, daughter #1 is coming to help us work her magic on some barn doors in our family room. I have also been dreaming of this for awhile...guess maybe dreams can come true. So excited!! Stay tuned.

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