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Friday, February 26, 2016

A "Wee" Bit More...

...of the Irish to show you.

I have wine glasses in every holiday pattern and color. I think my wine just tastes better this way. BTW, the same goes for our morning coffee!

As I am looking at this plate and remembering how much I love it, I am thinking that this may be a craft I have never done with the little kids...and, I know I have lots of clear glass plates still around from back in the day when I bought out the last of the Martha Stewart plates at K-Mart for a Girl Scout project. This may be a no-brainer and then a lovely way for the kids to present any baked goods they may make as gifts to the rest of the family!  Still working on the plans for kids' weekend so we'll see if it makes the cut.

So that is it for the kitchen this year. We are off today to help our first grandson celebrate the big #11. Then tomorrow, we are headed out off town to begin my birthday month celebration. By the sounds of our plans for the next few weeks, we will be doing lots of celebrating in lots of different places. Although the "age" may not be something to actually look forward to, the time with family and friends sure is-can't wait! Stay tuned.

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