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Friday, February 19, 2016

I LOVE Green!!!

There is no doubt about it! Green truly is my favorite color!! For me, it is the new black. It serves as a neutral but also makes things "pop". And so, I am almost always giddy when I have my St. Pat's decorating finished. I have even managed to find a few new goodies this year. Still looking for some frames but not finding them at my usual haunts-maybe a field trip is in order?!

Let's start where we always start. I must apologize-I don't think I really changed up a lot in the living room this year but I like it the way it is!

I've actually stopped using some of the garlands that I have made but I still like the way this vintage card garland that I made a number of years ago looks on this tin tile mirror-and yes, I am leaving the mirror up for one more holiday. Apparently I bought this new piece of furniture not quite a year ago. I think I have wreaths to cover the wall above starting for Easter and going through the rest of the year but I discovered Valentines was lacking a wreath and now, so is St. Pats. I just don't need yet another wreath to store so...

I am still loving my leprechaun hat arrangement. Believe it or not, several years ago my blog got hundreds of hits in a day-which is lovely but not a common occurrence. When I tried to figure out why, I discovered that another blogger who features crafts for kids had featured this project on her St. Pat's site and it just went crazy. It continues to be my most widely read post to date-even when it is not where near St. Patrick's Day-it has gotten 76 hits already this week! Just goes to show you how these posts can travel!

When I went to pull out my green and white hydrangeas, I found this arrangement with the burlap bow. I'm pretty sure I made it last year and it must have been after I took all of my pictures because I can't see where I used it last year...nor, can I begin to remember! And so, because I have this burlap subway art and a lamp with a burlap shade in this room, I decided to use it in here. And, since there was already a mercury glass candle holder in this vignette, I stuck it lovingly placed it in this large PB mercury glass vase...and, I can't begin to imagine anywhere else it would look better...meant to be!!

So that is the living room all done up in its St. Pat's finery!

And, as always, as I'm looking for new decor, I'm also keeping my eyes open for holiday crafts, food and baking ideas and goodies theme related. I found a few things on my last trip out but I know there will be more to come. Stay tuned.

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