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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I'm Obsessed!

O.K. I admit it...I might be just slightly obsessed with these fence slat signs. Since I made the first one for "harvest" season, I feel the need for a pop of color out here on the front porch. And it sure doesn't hurt that these are truly no-brainers. I am almost embarrassed to show you once again just how easy they are...but, I will!

I use a 6" wide dog-eared fence slat from Lowes. They are really inexpensive and I just love painting on them.

The next order of business is to pick a font and size and get my word printed out. Sometimes I use my Cricut-other times I just use the computer. There is an extra step or two with the computer but it has way more fonts than I have for my Cricut.

Once the letters are cut out, I spray them with repositionable spray adhesive and mount them where I want. I wanted this sign a bit more "playful", so I mounted them all a bit wonky.

Once they are secure, one or two coats of spray paint is all that is needed-over everything! I try to spray straight down so just in case one of the letters isn't tight against the board, the paint won't seep under.

I do all of this rather quickly so I am actually giving it LOTS of opportunity for a mistake or two and so far, on all of them, nary a slip up has occurred!

Since the wood is so porous, it doesn't take long at all for the paint to dry-at least enough to remove the letters. I am always afraid that if I don't take them off quickly enough, they just might become permanent-or at the very least, make a mess when I try to remove them. The point of an Exacto knife works perfectly to help lift the letters without getting you too stuck in the paint or adhesive.

And here it is with the natural background. Once again I opted to paint the letters white as I just like the extra pop that gives but you certainly wouldn't have to. I also enjoy painting in the letters. It is kind of meditative-like coloring in the lines of a coloring book.

And here it is on the porch. I just remembered after seeing this picture that I usually cut off 4-5" from the bottom of the slat before starting this project. It may be a bit tall. If I can't live with it, I will pull out the chop saw one day soon and give it a trim.

And speaking of lucky...I love how all of the manufacturers buy into the holidays. It makes "kid fun" so much easier. My stash of rainbows and St. Pat's themed goodies continues to grow! Now I MUST get busy making final decisions on food and crafts-where does my time go? Stay tuned.

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