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Monday, February 29, 2016

Last of St. Pat's...

...decor that is. Still lots of more fun things to come for the holiday itself!!

I still LOVE my pig so much. I may have already shared this story, but many years ago daughter #1 and I were on a home tour in St. Pete and I saw this exact pig on an island in one of the kitchens. It was love at first sight and I knew if I ever found that exact pig anywhere, he would be mine. I found many similar varieties because they were very much in vogue back then but never the exact one forward a year or two and hubby and I were in Dade City having lunch at "Lunch on Limoges" when I glanced around the adjoining shop and...cue the glitter and music...I saw him. He became mine immediately and has lived in his place of honor ever since. We are constantly talking about lowering this part of our bar and having more of a table height area so all of the kids and I can gather round for baking and cooking projects but one thing is sure, my pig will still fit in there somewhere!

Aren't I lucky? My garden has not stopped producing beautiful flowers all winter long!

I am nothing if not consistent! Without even processing why I liked it, I grabbed this shamrock on a recent trip to the $ Tree. When I got it home and went looking for a place to use it, I realized it is like so many other of my decorations! I love that vintage look! Could it have anything to do with the birthday approaching tomorrow? Haha. I just now realized that it also has an envelope-another recurring theme in my decor-love those postcards, letters, envelopes and stamps. And lucky me again-only $1!

I really was trying not to buy any more St. Pats this year but when I saw this shamrock runner the other day on sale at HL, I just couldn't resist! It was pretty inexpensive but really does kind of read as Irish linen. I figure as long as I keep it decorative and don't need to throw it in the washer or dryer, it will be around for many years.

I guess I also have a "thing" for all of the Irish blessings out these-seems as if I have them all over the house.

I love my mom's bone china in the shamrock theme!

We had a super busy weekend. First, we got to help Harrison celebrate his big #11 and then we were off to Gainesville for an early birthday celebration with daughter #2 and her family. We had a lovely time and as soon as we got home I found the perfect "home" for one of my presents...

Can you spot the newcomers?

I love these little people so much...and, do you see a continuance of the theme?

In the next few days we are off for a spring visit with daughter #1 and her family. I can just hear her front porch already calling to me...and maybe a trip to Hyde Park and the PB for extra measure. My brother and sister-in-law will be joining us for part of the visit so it is sure to be fun. I know I will have much to share. Stay tuned.

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