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Monday, February 22, 2016

Lucky Me!

We have been so lucky this year. Even though we rarely have horrible winter weather here in Florida, it does sometimes get colder for longer than I enjoy-a little cold and the need for a fire is always welcome in our house. But, the last few weeks have been totally perfect around here. So much so, that I could not contain myself any longer and out to the yard I went. Today will be day 4 and I think I will have most of the "heavy lifting" done. There were sure a lot of weeds this year since we didn't have enough cold weather to kill them. But, I guess, that is the trade-off I will happily accept. I am telling myself that I will hold off before planting new spring color, but I know me too well and that just may not happen.

In any case, the house is still all green and gearing up for one of my favorite days so let's take a few more peaks at what is happening.

Still loving my "lucky" sign made a few years ago and planning to make one of the dog-eared fence slat signs for the front porch. I like the little punch it gives the porch and they are so easy to make-and store! Hopefully getting supplies tomorrow and then I will take you along for the trip-although it is pretty much a no-brainer!

Not a lot to show you in the family room. Of course, all of my shelves are full of the usual holiday photos but I have showed you all of that many times before.

I have hung a few other St. Pat's signs around the sun room because this is where most of the kids' weekend fun happens and I like to be sure that the decor has spilled over into this room as well. My planning seat awaits me so that I can find all kinds of new, fun and fabulous ideas-we shall see. I will have this cute little pillow to make me comfy. I actually found it at Target in the Dollar Spot-although it was $3-and thought it was kind of cute. I don't usually buy pillows there because they so often just feature glued on icons but this one is embroidered and, I think, kind of a good bang for the buck three bucks.

I have procrastinated long enough. Off to try to finish the yard but still have more St. Pat's to come. Stay tuned.

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