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Saturday, January 17, 2015

It's All About Family....

...the family room that is! This is another of those times that I think everything looks so much better "in person" than the pictures show but let's take a look anyway.

The mantle is pretty simple this year. I don't think I actually planned it this way but, the Valentine flower buckets that are usually also on the mantle behind the X and O are MIA this year! I just can't find them. I spent so much time looking for them that I got annoyed with myself and decided to leave the mantle the way it was and go on to other things needing to be done assuming that somewhere along the way, I would find them. Well, I never did and by then, I had kind of gotten OK with how things looked so that is where it stayed! Kind of "decorating for idiots" I guess! I still really love the glittered heart banner I made out of all of the crocheted hearts that my mom made for me many years ago.

Last year's palette art. I have another I want to do this year so we will see what happens. I will be sure to show you if I get it done. For some reason, I am having a harder time than usual getting into the "swing" of the new year!

Still also love the glittered letters that I made a few years back...although, now that I look at them, maybe I do miss the Valentine French flower buckets that used to be behind them...wonder where in the world they could be!!???

As I said at the beginning of this post, I think this room looks better in person. I do have the TV cabinets and the built-ins full of framed Valentine photos, but you know that so I didn't bore you with photos. I enjoy Valentine's Day but it isn't one of my favorites so I don't get overly excited about the decor either. But, I have started thinking about some crafting and that always makes me happy so we will see what I come up with. Right now I am off to other things - like, perhaps, looking for those darn buckets! Where could I have put them? I hate it when I do things like this. More than likely they are somewhere that I thought would save me some room. That's what I get when I try to be super organized! More to come I am sure. Stay tuned.

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