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Monday, January 19, 2015


I have had the hardest time "getting into" the new year. I like to think it is because we just had SOOOO much going on at the end of last year, but I am starting to wonder if it is because I am getting older and starting to get used to this "retirement" stuff. I have always been a "yesterday" gal. I needed to get "it" done as soon as I knew "it" was needing to be done. I am NOT a procrastinator! And yet, these days, I find myself saying "I can do that tomorrow." It used to be that if I wrote something on a to-do list for today, it WOULD GET DONE! Now I seem to be giving myself more leeway....and as much as I like it while I am doing it, I am getting upset with myself when I realize that I have not really been able to mark anything off of my list these days.

And so, we will move into the dining room. That is on my list. And, after I have shown you around a bit, I AM going to sit down and make up my mind about what Valentine crafts I am going to accomplish this year.

Still liking the PB knock-off pillow I made last year...I think...maybe 2 years ago. Time goes fast when you're having fun!

The photo holders on this shelf the girls and I made a few years back. We found it on a vintage site. We bought "old fashioned" salt shakers that we found at the dollar store, filled them with glitter, pushed in some twisted holders we made from wire and added embellishments. I still love the way they look with the rose arrangements I got at BBW oh so many years ago when they still offered lots of seasonal items.

Still loving this sign! Seems we made one for almost every holiday one particular year (BOO, JOY, 4th, etc.) Wish I could find a similar idea to get me through 2015! No wonder I have such a hard time finding crafts to do...I still seem to love most of the things we have made over the past 16 years or so - about when I started crafting with the grand kids...and even before that when I crafted with my own. There are just not many ideas around that we haven't already done...but, I will keep looking!

 Then, I will make yet another list of supplies and get out to the stores. Of course, the list will be pretty long because all of my favorite haunts have different things on sale this week and I will have to hit them all. Sounds daunting doesn't it? Maybe I'll pour one more cup of coffee....and head out tomorrow instead. There are still magazines to be perused from October....and wash to be folded and put away....and weeds to be pulled.....and!!!! Stay tuned.

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