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Wednesday, January 14, 2015


It is that time of year again! I love tulips and right around now, they begin popping up everywhere! To me, red tulips rather than red roses, say Valentine's Day.

 I have been putting off taking more pictures because we have had a few gloomy days, but I decided to try my luck today. Even though the sun is way behind the clouds and it really looks like it might snow...except for the fact that we live in Florida and it is about 70 degrees outside, the pictures are OK... so, on to the kitchen.

If you have been following me for awhile, you will recognize a number of past Valentine craft projects like the "antique" canvas from last year, the vintage candle jar and the cone that I made using one of my mom's many crocheted doilies.

This is the only part of my new frig that will hold a magnet, so I fill it up. Still using the clothespin heart magnets and the small wooden and dough hearts that the kids and I have made along the way.

This old box holds lots of "paper napkin" and hand painted plates that we have made to present cookie gifts over the years and still love my pot holders that the girls made one year in color combinations for every holiday! Once they learned, I couldn't get them to stop! There were pot holders for everyone!

Here is the canvas that the little kids and I did two years ago.

I love how this flower arrangement that I found on sale at Dillards many, years ago "mimics" the flowers on the canvas behind it. I can get the biggest thrill out of the littlest things...looks like this was "meant to be".

We have a super busy week this week...lots of appointments, movies to see and dinners to eat out but I will be back soon...and maybe the sun will be out so the pictures will look a bit cheerier! Stay tuned.

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