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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Watch Out Grandin Road...

I love Grandin Road...ALMOST as much as I love Pottery Barn. My favorite time to really peruse their catalog is, of course, in the fall. They have Halloween decor that you just don't see anywhere else. I have SO much STUFF already, that it takes a lot these days to really excite me and make me open my wallet to purchase any new large ticket items. But, that being said, I DO usually allow myself one or two new treasures a year and this catalog is usually where I find just what I am looking for.

And, of course, this year's catalog did not disappoint. I could make a fairly long list of "wishes" but I decided that I would really like a wreath - which I actually don't have. I do have a nice autumn wreath that I stick some masks and other embellishments into and it has served the purpose. My other addiction the past few years has been large, wooden signs. Usually I make them but they have one this year that is fairly priced, so I was tempted.

Since we are on the topic of "fairly priced", I will tell you where I am going with this post. I found a Halloween wreath staring right out of the page of that new GR catalog! Staring right at me! I couldn't take my eyes off of it. It was immediate love! It was going to be my one gift to myself this year....until my eyes finally drifted to the price. My beautiful wreath was $259....but, if I hurried and ordered it before August 28 I could spend ONLY $229! Needless to say, I passed on that offer...but, I must have been the only one who did because when I went to get a picture of the wreath to show you, I found it had already SOLD OUT!

Now, as wreaths go, I think this one is fabulous. The one thing about GR is that their quality is wonderful - you really do get what you pay for if you are willing to pay this much - and this time I am not. It will be hard to knock-off at an equal quality....but, for $229, I will try! 

So, the good news is that even if I had wanted to buy it, I now can't and this has become my first "knock-off" project for Halloween. I am going to start at HL, Michaels and JoAnns and see what I can find. If I can find a plain, black feather wreath on sale, I will get it but, if not, I will fall back on the tried and true wreath form covered with boas. I know I won't be able to find (or probably even make) a fancy hat like their skeleton is wearing but I will come up with something - that is the fun of knock-offs.

And, since I'm not ordering the wreath, I decided to use the sign as another knock-off. I actually enjoy making these wooden signs. This one has the wood running horizontally. I like that for a change. And, since the signs I am drawn to are usually "rustic", there really is no perfection required - perfect for me!

And in case you're worrying about GR going under without my financial support, have no fear. I have found some other goodies that I will be ordering without any thought of trying to find a way to "knock them off".

 I can't wait to get started. Making my list today and if the rain stops a bit tomorrow, I am off to find supplies. I've got a few other ideas on my list as well. Stay tuned.

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