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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Did You Guess Correctly???

Me either -haha! I was pretty sure when I last left you that I would be painting the Grandin Road knock-off sign today. I was even sure of that as I woke up and visited with my family who came down last night and was visiting with us a bit more this morning before heading off for a holiday at the beach.

But then, as my grand daughter and I were sitting and talking in the living room, the urge struck and before I knew what I was doing, I was taking things off of the walls, tables, etc. And as soon as I waved my last good bye, I was up on the ladder.

I guess I truly am a glutton for punishment because this color - that looked at least two shades darker than the current walls in the store - goes on looking EXACTLY like the old paint. It makes it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to see where you have already applied paint until it begins to dry a bit. My eyes are bad enough without this added bit of fun. I finally had to stop as the sun was starting to fade because the added shadows made it impossible to continue painting. And so, I have stopped with all of the cutting in done on the largest wall, woodwork washed and taped and some of the cutting in by the crown on the second largest wall done. I am hoping to get the same done on the other two walls tomorrow and then whip out all of the rolling on Monday. We shall see.

It is really hard to see in these pictures but until that darker edge starts to form as the new paint dries, this job is a bear! I will say that once it has dried, it is definitely a shade or two darker and I am hoping it makes all of the mirrors, sconces, etc. just "pop" a bit more.

I am glad I am done for the day because kick-off for the first Gator game of the season is fast approaching. Now that Hannah is an "official" member of the Gator Nation, I sent her a text today giving her some "words of wisdom" about the joys of being a Gator and living on campus during the weeks of home games - the energy is awesome. She sent me this picture that she took right outside of her dorm this morning:

Looks like they really mean it when they ask for all Gators to come out for the opening game!! Have a wonderful Labor Day  wherever you are and whatever you're doing - you know where I'll be. Stay tuned. 

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