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Monday, August 25, 2014

Only a Matter of Time....

...until there is a fire in that fireplace. Until then, I will continue to pretend! Autumn IS coming...just not quickly enough for me! On to the family room.

I am still LOVING the sign I made last year (?) and that beautiful pumpkin that I bought in Dade City at Williams Lunch on Limoges. Sure wish I could find a source for them locally. It truly looks like one of the new varieties of pumpkin that has recently become so popular. I did find a similar shaped pumpkin at Michaels the other day but it is a garish shade of orange. I went ahead and bought it and am going to try to dry brush it with a white wash and we shall see what result I get.

Every time I take a picture for this blog from this angle, I notice that tangle of wires in the back of the TV unit and I chastise myself for not bundling them so they don't look as bad. This time I realized why I haven't addressed this issue any sooner - usually something like this would drive me crazy and I could not rest until it was taken care of. The fact of the matter is, when there is no flash shining on this area, it is essentially a big, black hole and those wires don't show. Pheww, one problem off of my plate!

While I was out and about, I began looking for the supplies to make this GR knock-off which I so smugly posted about recently. Well, maybe I know why it is so expensive. I can not find any of these least locally that is. I suppose I could go online, but that just seems like too much trouble for me. So, it looks like I will be going the REAL knock off route and starting with a wreath form that I will wrap in black feather boas. I knew that was always an option, but I really thought I would be able to find a feather wreath to begin my efforts.

And then I realized that to get the large skull and two arms, I would have to buy at least a bag of large skeleton parts...and they are not inexpensive even on sale. I know I bought a 3' skeleton last year, so I am thinking I will prop the full skeleton in the wreath and then anchor the sign in his hands while his legs and feet hang off the bottom. Thinking it may not give me the same impact....but I will save the now $259 impact to my wallet! Still thinking and looking...stay tuned. 

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