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Monday, August 18, 2014


The first day of school signals autumn to me....and so, autumn it is - at least in my house! No need to tell you how much I LOVE the colors and smells of this season....and even though it is still in the 80s outside, come with me and experience the beginning of autumn!

Here is that old rose pot that I tore apart a few weeks ago. And, this is kind of what I envisioned doing with it. I found the pumpkin at HL. It is no where near as nice as the orange one I bought at Williams in Dade City last year....nor was it as expensive .... so, it serves the purpose! I would still like to replace the "cutesy" wreath it is sitting in with just some lovely faux autumn leaves and bitter sweet but will have to head out of town to some of my favorite haunts to find what I am looking for. I will let you know. I'm not really sure I like the "cream" of the pumpkin against the "white" of the urn, so there may be some paint coming out soon - any suggestions? I do love that it is sitting on one of my mom's crocheted doilies that I glittered in gold one year as Christmas gifts to the girls.

There are a few changes in this year's decor mostly necessitated by the redesign in some areas, but for the most part, I treasure my autumn things and resist changing them up a lot. I still love the PB mercury glass pumpkin lights (although I will say that two of the pumpkin covers broke and I have called PB to see if replacements could be purchased and they said no. At $39.50 for a string of 10, I would think there should be some way to replace them-especially since the glass is SO thin...they just barely touched each other and broke. And yet, I still love them!), the velvet pumpkins I made when they were all the rage, the PB painted pillow cover, the rusty candle holders, the arrangement I bought at Julie's of Provence so many years ago and on and on and on!

I hope you still enjoy seeing these things as much as I enjoy decorating with them. I am kind of at a point in my life where I don't really want or need anything new unless I love it more than what I already have. And, with my autumn things, that will take some doing! More to show you next time. Stay tuned. 

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