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Friday, August 3, 2012

Where In the World Is Dodi?

Thought I would post a few random late summer decor pictures I had taken. I really am enjoying the colors of fall even though they are masquerading as the colors of summer. I am also almost giddy as most stores that carry candles, etc. have stocked their autumn candles already and there is really nothing in this world that compares to those scents-although I must admit I do love the candles and wall plug-ins I am currently using. They are called Caribbean Salsa and are from Bath & Body Works. I really only bought them because the color of the candle is sunflower yellow but they smell yummy!

I have been living my usual crazy, random life. Good thing I mostly write in my calendar with pencil because each time I think I have a week planned, life gets in the way. I have recently been having fun at my daughter's new home making drapes, curtains, shams and pillows. Still have more to go but we are getting there. This was planned. But, my youngest grand daughter falling out of bed and breaking her clavicle was unplanned. Wow, was it difficult to see her the first few days. She was in a lot of pain and didn't want to move at all. Guess her body instinctively told her how to act so as not to cause more injury. Thank goodness little ones bounce back quickly and she is getting around pretty well right now although she will need her arm in a sling and trussed to her body for 5 more weeks. Poor thing-and it is her right arm too. Amazing how much she is learning to do with her left!

I was also in Gainesville to help my daughter with her classroom preparations, but since my usual stay there was cut short, my oldest grand daughter stepped into my spot and did an awesome job on her mom's bulletin boards. Think I just may have lost another job to the next generation!

Also got in a nice visit with my mom while there and spent another day this week sitting with a sick friend. And so my life goes-as I'm sure does everyone's. That is really what life is. Each day unfolding as it will-just not necessarily as we plan.

I so love these colors! They make me breathe more easily. Today I have a list of at least 12 things I have MAJORLY neglected-let's not even go to the list of things that also need doing but I can still live with as they don't involve dirty clothes, dishes, dying plants, etc.! So that is what I am off to do. I am sitting and looking at some supplies I have gathered recently to start my Halloween crafting but I am trying so hard not to go there either. We shall see which "needs" win out. Stay tuned.

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