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Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like......

......autumn! At least in my house. I just couldn't wait another day. Everywhere I went I saw glimpses of this beautiful season, so it was time! There is nothing about this season I don't love....the colors, the scents, the food, the mood....I love it all!

So, welcome to the beginning of my autumn. For those of you who are faithful readers, you will notice some things you have seen before. Once again, I am trying to pare down but there are just some things I love so much that I MUST use them where I love them. So, let's start in the livingroom-really a hard room to photograph because of the number of mirrors and large windows-always seems to be a flash-back from somewhere so I find myself going for some shots at very obtuse angles-sorry.

As you see, I still haven't done anything with this entrance area. I am one step closer because I have decided to paint this chest-now if I could just decide what color! I am sure it will come to me-sooner or later!

Until then, this is what you see when you walk in my front door. To your right is the rusty old "welcome" bucket full of autumnal color.

This chest and vignette are pretty much as they have been for a few years. I did add the 2 new, orange velvet pumpkins and the orange mercury glass candle holder. Still totally love my arrangement from Julie's in Indian Rocks Beach and the paper mache' pumpkin with velvet grapes that I made many years ago. I saw the exact same thing in a fancy store somewhere and the price was obscene. When I happened upon the velvet grapes in a little gift shop in Mt. Dora, I knew I could copy the rest of the arrangement quite easily. Hope I never tire of it!

Keeping the rest of the room pretty simple. Thought I liked the wooden box I made until I saw this picture and realized I have it decorated more for Thanksgiving than autumn. Don't think it needs the other gourds I have in there just yet. Am thinking I will re-do this and keep it with just pumpkins and leaves and maybe add some candles. We shall see.

Kept the coffee table very simple as well. Just using 3 candle holders, a lantern and my large copper bowl full of the velvet pumpkins.

That is it for the living room. Trying to get everything else done today so be sure and come back for the rest of the much more to show you. Stay tuned.

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  1. Our house is also done for fall. Got the candles burning as we speak. Of course, having to pull all our outdoor items in to prepare for a hurricane kind of puts a damper on fall being in the air!