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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just Couldn't Help Myself!!!

So when I was last here, this is where I was heading. If you remember, I was well on my way with the purchase and repainting of an inexpensive buffet lamp that I found at Lowes. My only issue was finding the styrofoam skulls. Off to Michaels I went and they had these exact skulls for $1.49 each. BUT, right next to the very exact skulls were some skulls decked out in all of their glittery fineness-and for the same price. I just couldn't help myself!!! My hand headed to the glittery bin before I could stop it!

I DID ponder for a moment when I realized that my rendition of this lamp would no longer be as sinister or spooky. But did I care? No sireeee! So onward I went.

Let me start by saying either the lady who posted this tutorial (you can find the link on my Pinterest Halloween board-along with my other 1000 pins that I will never live long enough to even think about doing-but I digress) probably had a bit more experience with lamp wiring or her lamp was assembled differently than mine. I had to remove some pieces and rearrange others or my skulls wouldn't fit on or the lamp wouldn't go back together again.

With my limited knowledge, it became evident that I would either have to cut off the plug or re-wire the socket section. I have done plugs before simply by adding on a slip-on replacement, so that was the road I chose.

The picture below shows the left-overs. Probably NOT a good thing when talking about electricity but in this case, most of them were only extensions so I think I am good. I will pick up the plug when I am out later today and let you know if I have "light.

For right now, I just hung some creepy cloth over the shade. I want to see what it actually looks like with light shining from inside before I make the final tweaks.

Must say that as I was waiting for these pictures to download, I began going around and pulling the first of the autumn decorations from closets. I know my blood pressure dropped 20 points just seeing those beautiful colors and leaf and pumpkin shapes. Think this will be the weekend! Stay tuned.

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  1. It's fun. The original looks a little more ominous. Yours looks like a touch of whimsy. I like it! I put up fall this weekend. Rich really wanted it up. Hoping to make the fall wreaths and box next week but we may be battling a hurricane. Always interesting in Florida! I am currently cleaning up my craft room and knocking off all those little projects I have been meaning to get to!